Marigold Sky

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Marigold Sky
Hall Oates Marigold Sky.jpg
Studio album by Hall & Oates
Released September 17, 1997
Genre Pop, rock, soul
Length 57:40
Label Push Records
Producer Daryl Hall (also executive producer), John Oates, David Bellochio, Peter Moshay
Hall & Oates chronology
The Atlantic Collection
Marigold Sky
The Very Best of Daryl Hall & John Oates

Marigold Sky is the fifteenth studio album by Hall & Oates, released in 1997 on Push Records. It would be their last album of new material until 2003's Do It for Love.

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars Link

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Romeo Is Bleeding" (Alan Gorrie, Hall) - 5:05
  2. "Marigold Sky" (Hall, Oates) - 4:59
  3. "The Sky Is Falling" (Sara Allen, Gorrie, Hall) - 4:42
  4. "Out of The Blue" (Hall) - 4:22
  5. "Want To" (Allen, Gorrie, Hall, Tom "T-Bone" Wolk) - 4:52
  6. "Love Out Loud" (S. Allen, Gorrie, Hall) - 3:56
  7. "Throw The Roses Away" (Gorrie, Hall) - 5:40
  8. "I Don't Think So" (S. Allen, David Bellochio, Gorrie, Hall) - 4:05
  9. "Promise Ain't Enough" (Hall, Porter Howell, Dwayne O'Brien, Oates) - 5:48
  10. "Time Won't Pass Me By" (Bellochio, Hall, Oates) - 5:12
  11. "Hold On To Yourself" (Bellochio, Gorrie, Hall) - 4:20
  12. "War Of Words" (Joe Cang, Hall, Oates) - 4:39

Bonus Tracks on different versions of this release[edit]

  • "Hold On To Yourself (Remix)" (AKA "Radio Mix")
  • "Promise Ain't Enough" (Unplugged Version)
  • "Promise Ain't Enough" (Live at the Tower Theater, December 11, 1997)
  • "Want To" (Live at the Tower Theater, 12/11/1997)"


  • Hold On To Yourself - Special Limited Edition (Available as a very rare single promotional CD and a slightly more common Double Promotional Vinyl)
  1. "Hold On To Yourself (Extended Tommy Musto's Club Mix)" (record side A)
  2. "Hold On To Yourself (Tommy Musto's Club Instrumental)" (record side A)
  3. "Hold On To Yourself (Tribal Path Hip Hop Mix)" (record side B)
  4. "Hold On To Yourself (Naughty G's Rubber Mix)" (record side B)
  5. "Hold On To Yourself (Rachid Wehbi's Extended Mix)" (record side C)
  6. "Hold On To Yourself (Tribal Path Mix)" (record side C)
  7. "Hold On To Yourself (Tommy Musto's Dub Mix)" (record side D)
  8. "Hold On To Yourself (Tommy Musto's Radio Mix)" (record side D)
  • The Sky is Falling
  1. "The Sky is Falling (Album Version)"
  2. "Out Of Touch (Live)"
  3. "She's Gone (Live)"
  4. "Sara Smile (Live)"
  5. "The Sky is Falling (Remix)"
  6. "The Sky is Falling (Hot Mix)" (Japanese version only)
  • Romeo Is Bleeding
  1. "Romeo Is Bleeding (Radio Edit)"
  2. "Romeo Is Bleeding (Album Version)"
  3. "Sara Smile (Live November 12, 1997)"
  4. "Out Of Touch (Live November 12, 1997)"
  • Promise Ain't Enough
  1. "Promise Ain't Enough (Radio Edit)"
  2. "Promise Ain't Enough (Album Version)"
  3. "Hold On To Yourself (Remix)"
  4. "What's Going On (Live)"
  • Throw The Roses Away (Promotional only single)
  1. "Throw The Roses Away (Radio Edit)"


  • Executive Producer: Daryl Hall
  • Producers: David Bellochio, Daryl Hall, Peter Moshay, John Oates
  • Engineers: David Bellochio, Peter Moshay, Steven Remote
  • Mixing: Mick Guzauski, David Leonard, Peter Moshay
  • Re-mixing: Tommy Musto
  • Mastering: Bob Ludwig


  • David Bellochio: acoustic guitars, keyboards, percussion programming
  • Charles DeChant: saxophone
  • Daryl Hall: vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards, percussion programming
  • Peter Moshay: percussion
  • John Oates: vocals, acoustic & electric guitars
  • Paul Pesco: acoustic & electric guitars
  • Ken Sebesky: acoustic & electric guitars
  • Dave Stewart: acoustic & electric guitars
  • Tom "T-Bone" Wolk: bass guitar, acoustic & electric guitars
  • Shawn Pelton: drums, percussion
  • String arrangements by Rob Mounsey