Marsh Creek (Pine Creek)

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Marsh Creek
Marsh creek at ansonia.jpg
Looking downstream from along Marsh Creek Road in Ansonia
Country United States
State Pennsylvania
County Tioga County
 - location Wellsboro, Tioga State Forest
 - elevation 1,283 ft (391 m) [1]
 - coordinates 41°45′10″N 77°17′47″W / 41.75278°N 77.29639°W / 41.75278; -77.29639 [2]
Mouth Pine Creek
 - location Ansonia
 - elevation 1,142 ft (348 m) [2]
 - coordinates 41°44′36″N 77°25′40″W / 41.74333°N 77.42778°W / 41.74333; -77.42778Coordinates: 41°44′36″N 77°25′40″W / 41.74333°N 77.42778°W / 41.74333; -77.42778 [2]
Length 13 mi (21 km)
Marsh Creek (Pine Creek) is located in Pennsylvania
Marsh Creek (Pine Creek)
Location of the mouth of Marsh Creek in Pennsylvania

Marsh Creek is a 13.0-mile-long (20.9 km)[3] tributary of Pine Creek in Pennsylvania in the United States.[4]

Marsh Creek begins in the borough of Wellsboro, at the confluence of Kelsey Creek, Morris Branch, and Charleston Creek.[5] Marsh Creek flows north, then west, and joins Pine Creek just downstream of Ansonia in Tioga County.[5] A small flood in 1993 ruined a marginal amount of farmland.

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