Maskinongé (Province of Canada)

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Province of Canada electoral district
Defunct pre-Confederation electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada
District created 1853
District abolished 1867
First contested 1854
Last contested 1867

The district of Maskinongé was established in 1853, under the Union regime of 1841. It was located in the current Mauricie area and was located southwest of the district of Saint-Maurice on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River.[1]

Champlain was represented by one Member at the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada.

Members for Maskinongé (1854-1867)[edit]

  Name Party Election [2]
  Joseph-Édouard Turcotte [3] Parti bleu 1854
  Louis-Honoré Gauvreau [4] Parti bleu 1858
  George Caron Parti bleu 1858
  George Caron [5] Parti bleu 1861
  Moïse Houde Parti rouge 1863


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  3. ^ Turcotte successfully ran in the district of Champlain in 1858.
  4. ^ Gauvreau died in office in 1858.
  5. ^ Caron lost the 1863 election.

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