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For the Mayor of Auckland prior to 2010, see Mayor of Auckland City.
Mayor of Auckland
Len brown.jpg
Len Brown

since 9 October 2010
Formation 9 October 2010 (first elected)
1 November 2010 (legislated)

The Mayor of Auckland is the directly elected head of the Auckland Council, the local government authority for the Auckland region in New Zealand. The Mayor has significant executive powers, their own staff and the ability to appoint the chairpersons of the Council's committees.

The position was first elected on 9 October 2010 for the establishment of the Auckland Council on 1 November 2010. The Council replaced seven territorial authority councils and the Auckland Regional Council. Before 2010, the term "Mayor of Auckland" applied to the mayor of Auckland City Council.

In the first mayoral election for Auckland Council in 2010, former Mayor of Manukau Len Brown was elected, defeating former Mayor of Auckland City John Banks, former Mayor of North Shore Andrew Williams and prominent Christian businessman Colin Craig, amongst others. The mayoral office had a budget of $4.1 million and a staff of 18 in 2011.[1]

Contenders for the role in the 2013 local body elections included John Minto,[2] John Palino, Penny Bright, Uesifili Unasa, Emmett Hussey, Jessie Butler, Paul Duffy and Susanna Susara Kruger.[3]

List of officeholders[edit]

# Name Portrait Elections Entered office Left office
1 Len Brown
Len brown.jpg
1 November 2010


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