McCreary County Museum

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McCreary County Museum
Stearns Coal Company Offices.jpg
Established 1988
Location 1 Henderson Street, Stearns, Kentucky
Coordinates 36°41′57″N 84°28′37″W / 36.69912°N 84.47688°W / 36.69912; -84.47688
Website McCreary County Museum

The McCreary County Museum is housed in the former Stearns Coal and Lumber Company corporate headquarters in Stearns, Kentucky. The town where the museum is located was called the Stearns Empire of the South, and the museum continues to preserve and display the area's history from the Indian and pioneer times towards its peak at the height of the coal and lumber industry boom.[1] The exhibits include significant coverage of Appalachian life in McCreary County.[2]

The first floor is filled with historic documents, objects, and photographs pertaining to McCreary County and the Stearns Coal & Lumber Company. The second floor has a replica bedroom and parlor from the early 1930s. Other exhibits display the culture and lifestyle of the people of McCreary County with social exhibits that include a replica church room, a sporting exhibit and musical exhibit.

The museum is adjacent to the depot of the Big South Fork Scenic Railway, a heritage railroad.


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