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Medieval Times Entertainment
Founded 2014
Headquarters Irving, Texas, United States
Number of locations 9
Medieval Times Building in Exhibition Place, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The American locations however are all housed inside replica 11th-century castles.
Part of the performance.

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament is a family dinner theater featuring staged medieval-style games, sword-fighting, and jousting performed by a cast of 75 actors and 20 horses. Each location is housed in a replica 11th-century castle,[1] with the exception of the Toronto location, which is housed inside a Beaux-Arts structure built in 1912.[citation needed]

The chain is located in Buena Park, California; Dallas, Texas; Schaumburg, Illinois; Lyndhurst, New Jersey; Hanover, Maryland; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; Orlando, Florida and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Medieval Times Entertainment, the holding company for the nine theaters, is headquartered in Irving, Texas.[2]

The chain was featured in the 1996 film The Cable Guy,[3] and the 2004 feature film Garden State. It has also been featured in episodes of TV shows such as Cake Boss,[4] Hell's Kitchen[5] and Celebrity Apprentice.[6]

In October 2011, Medieval Times began an update of its shows in the Dallas location. The music, recorded in Kiev, Ukraine, mixes an orchestra and show choir with "electric guitars and rock percussion", with "a Russian feel". The score is the third to use Daniel May.[7]

In April 1997, Medieval Times' owners sought bankruptcy protection after losing a court battle to the Internal Revenue Service that required the Buena Park location to pay $7.5 million and the Orlando location to pay $2.5 million in back taxes. According to the IRS, Medieval Times improperly deducted royalties, loan interest and management fees in the 1987 and 1989 tax years. When asked why the company was filing for bankruptcy the company’s bankruptcy lawyer, Alan Friedman, said, "one of the primary reasons for filing was to prevent the IRS from beginning to seize any assets."[8]


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