Members of the Queensland Legislative Assembly, 1915–1918

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This is a list of members of the 20th Legislative Assembly of Queensland from 1915 to 1918, as elected at the 1915 state election held on 22 May 1915.[1]

The election was a landslide for the Labor Party, with the previous premier Digby Denham and many of the Denham Ministry losing their parliamentary seats.

Unlike in most other states at this time, the Labor Party in Queensland did not split over the conscription issue; however, the former Liberal and Farmers Union members largely joined the Nationalist Party of Australia.

Name Party Electorate Term in office
John Adamson[4] Labor/Independent Rockhampton 1907–1909; 1911–1917
John Appel Farmers' Union Albert 1908–1929
Thomas Armfield Labor Musgrave 1915–1920
William Armstrong Liberal Lockyer 1893–1904; 1907–1918
George Barber Labor Bundaberg 1901–1935
George Barnes Liberal Warwick 1908–1935
Percy Bayley Farmers' Union Pittsworth 1915–1920
William Bebbington Farmers' Union Drayton 1912–1923
Ernest Bell Liberal Fassifern 1913–1930
William Bertram Labor Maree 1912–1929
Charles Booker Liberal Wide Bay 1909–1918
David Bowman[2] Labor Fortitude Valley 1899–1902; 1904–1916
Thomas Bridges Liberal Nundah 1896–1907; 1909–1918
George Carter Labor Port Curtis 1915–1920, 1923–1929
Charles Collins Labor Bowen 1909–1912, 1915–1936
Frank Cooper Labor Bremer 1915–1946
Bernard Corser Liberal Burnett 1912–1928
Harry Coyne Labor Warrego 1908–1923
Thomas Dunstan Labor Gympie 1915–1929, 1935–1953
Hon John Fihelly Labor Paddington 1912–1922
Thomas Foley Labor Mundingburra 1909–1920
Frank Forde[4] Labor Rockhampton 1917–1922, 1955–1957
James Forsyth Liberal Murrumba 1899–1907; 1909–1918
Edgar Free Labor South Brisbane 1915–1920
John Gilday Labor Ithaca 1912–1926
William Gillies Labor Eacham 1912–1925
David Gledson Labor Ipswich 1915–1929, 1932–1949
Francis Grayson Liberal/Independent Cunningham 1904–1920
Donald Gunn Liberal Carnarvon 1907–1920
William Hamilton[1] Labour Gregory 1899–1915
Herbert Hardacre Labour Leichhardt 1893–1919
Harry Hartley Labor Fitzroy 1915–1929
William Hartley Labor Kurilpa 1915–1918
Robert Hodge Farmers' Union Nanango 1902–1904; 1909–1920
John McEwan Hunter Labor Maranoa 1907–1919
John Huxham Labor Buranda 1908–1909, 1912–1924
Alfred Jones[3] Labor Maryborough 1904–1909, 1915–1917,
Thomas Llewellyn Jones Labor Oxley 1915–1918
Mick Kirwan Labor Brisbane 1912–1932
Edward Land Labor Balonne 1904–1927
William Lloyd Labor Enoggera 1915–1920, 1923–1929
James Larcombe Labor Keppel 1912–1929, 1932–1956
William Lennon Labor Herbert 1907–1920
Edward Macartney Liberal Toowong 1900–1908; 1909–1920
Hon William McCormack Labor Cairns 1912–1930
Peter McLachlan Labor Merthyr 1908–1912, 1915–1920,
Hugh McMinn Labor Bulimba 1915–1918
Herbert McPhail Labor Windsor 1915–1918
John May[5] Labor Flinders 1907–1917
Arthur Moore Farmers' Union Aubigny 1915–1941
Godfrey Morgan Farmers' Union Murilla 1909–1938
William Murphy Independent Burke 1904–1907; 1908–1918
James O'Sullivan Labor Kennedy 1909–1920
John Payne Labor Mitchell 1905–1928
Jens Peterson Labor Normanby 1915–1935
Andrew Lang Petrie Liberal Toombul 1893–1926
George Pollock[1] Labor Gregory 1915–1939
Colin Rankin Liberal Burrum 1905–1918
Robert Roberts Liberal East Toowoomba 1907–1934
Daniel Ryan Labor Townsville 1915–1920
Henry Ryan Labor Cook 1915–1929
Hon T. J. Ryan Labor Barcoo 1909–1919
William Forgan Smith Labor Mackay 1915–1942
Henry Plantagenet Somerset Liberal Stanley 1904–1920
Henry Stevens Liberal Rosewood 1911–1918
James Stodart Liberal Logan 1896–1918
James Stopford Labor Mount Morgan 1915–1936
Edward Swayne Liberal Mirani 1907–1935
Hon Ted Theodore Labor Chillagoe 1909–1925
James Tolmie Liberal Toowoomba 1901–1907; 1909–1918
William Vowles Liberal Dalby 1911–1926
Harry Walker Liberal Cooroora 1907–1947
David Weir[3] Labor Maryborough 1917–1929
William Wellington Labor Charters Towers 1915–1939
Thomas Wilson[2] Labor Fortitude Valley 1916–1933
Vern Winstanley Labor Queenton 1908–1932
1 On 10 July 1915, William Hamilton, the Labor member for Gregory, was appointed to the Queensland Legislative Council. Labor candidate George Pollock was elected unopposed at the resulting by-election on 18 August 1915.
2 On 25 February 1916, David Bowman, the Labor member for Fortitude Valley, died. Labor candidate Thomas Wilson won the resulting by-election on 1 April 1916.
3 On 15 February 1917, Alfred Jones, the Labor member for Maryborough, was appointed to the Legislative Council. Labor candidate David Weir won the resulting by-election on 31 March 1917.
4 John Adamson, the member for Rockhampton, left the Labor Party in 1916 and from then on, sat as an Independent. On 21 March 1917, he resigned to contest an Australian Senate seat for Queensland at the 1917 federal election as an Independent Nationalist. Labor candidate Frank Forde won the resulting by-election on 12 May 1917.
5 On 29 December 1917, John May, the Labor member for Flinders, died. No by-election was held due to the proximity of the 1918 state election.


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