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This article is about the composition of the Regional Council of Veneto, the legislative assembly of Veneto, during the IX Legislature, thus the term started in April 2010, following the 2010 regional election, and ended in April 2015. Of the 60 members, 53 were elected in provincialconstituencies with proportional representation with a further 6 returned from the so-called "regional list" of the elected President of Veneto, including the President himself, and the candidate for President who came second.[1]

Clodovaldo Ruffato (The People of Freedom, later New Centre-Right) was the President of the Council for the entire term, while Luca Zaia (Liga VenetaLega Nord) served as President of Veneto at the head of his first government.


Seven parties plus a one-member group formed by Giuseppe Bortolussi (the defeated centre-left candidate) were represented in the Council at the start of the term. The largest party in the Council was Liga Veneta with twenty seats, a third of the total. At the end of the term, the groups were sixteen, four of which formed for technical purposes as every group could validate the slates of two lists for the regional election; these included "Civic Veneto", "Zaia President", "Tosi List for Veneto" and "Family–Pensioners".

Strength of political groups[edit]

Distribution of Seats in the Regional Council
Political Group Leader 2010 2015
Venetian Democratic Party Laura Puppato / Lucio Tiozzo 14 10
Liga VenetaLega Nord Federico Caner 20 7
NCDUdC Giancarlo Conta 7
The People of FreedomForza Italia[2] Dario Bond 17 5
Forza Italia Leonardo Padrin 5
Tosi List for Veneto (Venetian Commitment)[3] Francesco Piccolo 3
Popular Future Stefano Valdegamberi 3
Veneto First Giovanni Furlanetto 3
Family–Pensioners (Toward North–Venetian People)[4] Diego Bottacin[5] 3
Civic Veneto[6] Giuseppe Berlato Sella 3
Zaia President[7] Gianpiero Possamai 3
Italy of Values Gustavo Franchetto / Antonino Pipitone 3 2
Union of the Centre Stefano Valdegamberi / Stefano Peraro 3 1
Federation of the Left Pietrangelo Pettenò 1 1
North-East Union Mariangelo Foggiato / Rolando Bortoluzzi 1 1
Bortolussi President Giuseppe Bortolussi[5] 1 1
Mixed Group 2

Sources: Regional Council of Veneto – Groups and Regional Council of Veneto – Members

Members by party of election[edit]

Liga Veneta–Lega Nord[edit]

The People of Freedom[edit]

(From November 2013 to February 2014 the group was named as "The People of Freedom – New Centre Right". Since February 2014 the group was named "The People of Freedom – Forza Italia for Veneto".)

Venetian Democratic Party[edit]

Union of the Centre[edit]

Italy of Values[edit]

Federation of the Left[edit]

North-East Union[edit]

Bortolussi President[edit]


The election that produced the IX Legislature took place on 28–29 March 2010. Luca Zaia, leader of Liga VenetaLega Nord, was elected President by a landslide and his party became the largest in the region with 35.2%. The total score of Venetist parties was 37.2%, more than ever before.

Liga Veneta managed the highest swing ever in a regional election in Veneto (+20.5%), gaining from almost every part of the political spectrum, but mainly from The People of Freedom (–7.5%), the Democrats (–8.6%) and other Venetists (–5.1%).

e • d 
Candidates Regional lists Provincial lists Total
votes % seats Parties votes % swing seats party group
Luca Zaia 1,528,386 60.16 6 Liga VenetaLega Nord 788,581 35.16 +20.5 18 20 37
The People of Freedom 555,006 24.74 -7.5 13 17
Alliance of the Centre 18,114 0.81 new - -
Giuseppe Bortolussi 738,761 29.08 1 Democratic Party 456,309 20.34 -8.6 14 15 19
Italy of Values 119,396 5.32 +4.0 3 3
Federation of the Left 35,028 1.56 -3.4 1 1
Left Ecology FreedomItalian Socialist Party 27,578 1.23 new - -
IDEA – List for Veneto (incl. Greens) 15,907 0.67 -2.3 - -
Liga Veneto Autonomo 4,390 0.20 new - -
Antonio De Poli 162,235 6.39 - Union of the Centre 110,417 4.92 -1.5 3 3 4
North-East Union 34,697 1.55 -5.1 1 1
David Borrelli 80,246 3.16 - Five Star Movement 57,848 2.58 new - - -
Silvano Polo 12,891 0.51 - Venetians–Independence 7,879 0.35 new - - -
Paolo Caratossidis 9,151 0.36 - New Force 6,476 0.29 -0.6 - - -
Gianluca Panto 9,066 0.36 - Venetian National Party 6,226 0.28 new - - -
Total candidates 2,540,736 100.00 7 Total parties 2,243,042 100.00 = 47 60 60

Source: Ministry of the Interior – Historical Archive of Elections and Regional Council of Veneto


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  2. ^ From November 2013, when The People of Freedom was disbanded and its members joined either "Forza Italia" or "New Centre-Right", to February 2014 the group was named as "The People of Freedom – New Centre Right". In February 2014 the group was finally renamed "The People of Freedom – Forza Italia for Veneto".
  3. ^ The group was originally named "Venetian Commitment" and changed its name to "Tosi List for Veneto" two weeks after its launch.
  4. ^ The group was originally named "Toward North–Venetian People" and changed its name to "Family–Pensioners" a week after its launch.
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  6. ^ Civic Veneto, composed of three Democratic councillors, was formed as a technical group in order to validate the slates of a civic list in support of the PD and the Democratic candidate, Alessandra Moretti, in the 2015 regional election. Similar groups were formed by supporters of Luca Zaia and Flavio Tosi.
  7. ^ Zaia President, composed of three councillors of Liga Veneta–Lega Nord, was formed as a technical group in order to validate the slates of a civic list in support of the party and the its candidate, incumbent President Luca Zaia, in the 2015 regional election. Similar groups were formed by supporters of Alessandra Moretti and Flavio Tosi.