Merthyr Tydfil Electric Tramways

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Merthyr Tydfil Electric Tramways
Locale Merthyr Tydfil
Open 6 April 1901
Close 23 August 1939
Status Closed
Track gauge 3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm)
Propulsion system(s) Electric
Depot(s) Trevithick Road

Merthyr Tydfil Electric Tramways operated a tramway service in Merthyr Tydfil between 1901 and 1939.[1]


The company was owned by the Merthyr Tydfil Electric Traction and Lighting Company, a subsidiary company of British Electric Traction. Services started on 6 April 1901. Sixteen tramcars were purchased from the Midland Railway Carriage and Wagon Company and Electric Railway and Tramway Carriage Works for the initial services.


The company was purchased by the local authority in 1939 for the sum of £13,500 (equivalent to £755,000 in 2015)[2] with the aim of closing down the service, and the final tram ran on 23 August 1939.


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