Metro Colegio Militar

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Colegio Militar
STC rapid transit
Station entrance sign, 22 December 2006
Location Mexico City
Coordinates 19°26′58″N 99°10′20″W / 19.449354°N 99.172254°W / 19.449354; -99.172254Coordinates: 19°26′58″N 99°10′20″W / 19.449354°N 99.172254°W / 19.449354; -99.172254
Preceding station   Mexico City Metro   Following station
Línea 2
towards Tasqueña

Metro Colegio Militar is a station on Line 2 of the Mexico City Metro system.[1][2] It is located in the Miguel Hidalgo borough of Mexico City, northwest of the city centre, on Calzada México-Tacuba.[1]

The station logo shows the stylised coat of arms of the Heroic Military College.[1][2] This is in reference to the military academy that existed in the nearby Popotla neighbourhood from 1920 until 1976, when it was moved to its current location in the south of Mexico City.[1] The station opened on 14 September 1970.[3]

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