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Region of originEngland, Germany, the Netherlands, Israel
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Meyer is a surname of English, German, Dutch, or Jewish origin. Many branches of the Meyer(s) family trace their origins to ancient Anglo-Saxon culture. The name may be derived from the Old English name maire, meaning Mayor, or an officer in charge of legal matters.[1] The name may also be derived from the German word "meiger", meaning Mayor; the name likely traces its origins to a wealthy landholder. There are various names that are connected by cognation in many instances (albeit not all), such as Myer, Meyr, Meier, Meijer, Mayer, Maier, Mayr, and Mair). Among German Jews, "Meyer" converged with the etymologically unconnected name "Meir", which means "one who shines" in Hebrew.

Geographical distribution[edit]

As of 2014, 41.3% of all known bearers of the surname Meyer were residents of Germany (frequency 1:248), 26.7% of the United States (1:1,727), 11.6% of South Africa (1:592), 7.6% of France (1:1,113), 3.4% of Switzerland (1:310), 1.4% of Brazil (1:18,806) and 1.0% of Canada (1:4,620).

In Germany, the frequency of the surname was higher than national average (1:248) in the following states:[2]


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