Mifflin High School (Columbus, Ohio)

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Mifflin High School
3245 Oak Spring Street
Columbus, (Franklin County), Ohio 43219
United States
Coordinates 40°2′21″N 82°55′24″W / 40.03917°N 82.92333°W / 40.03917; -82.92333Coordinates: 40°2′21″N 82°55′24″W / 40.03917°N 82.92333°W / 40.03917; -82.92333
Type Public, Coeducational high school
Opened Early 1970’s
School district Columbus City Schools
Superintendent Dan Good [1]
Principal Kimberly Mills
Grades 9-12
Color(s) Blue and White[1]         
Fight song Let’s go Punchers
Athletics conference Columbus City League[1]
Sports Boys' Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Cross-Country, Football, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, Track & Field, Wrestling. Girls' Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross-Country Golf, Softball, Track & Field, Volleyball.
Mascot Cowpuncher
Team name Punchers[1]
Rival Northland High School
Accreditation North Central Association of Colleges and Schools [2]
Athletic Director James Washington[1]

Mifflin High School is a public high school located on the northeast side of Columbus, Ohio. It has been part of Columbus City Schools since the early-1970s. Previously it was a separate school district. The original high school was located at 3000 Agler Rd in Columbus and is now Mifflin Middle School.

The school colors are Blue and White with Gray and Black as unofficial colors. The official school nickname is the Cowpunchers, but the local media has shorted the nickname to the "Punchers".

The school's Latin Club functions as a local chapter of both the Ohio Junior Classical League (OJCL)[3] and National Junior Classical League (NJCL).[4]

Battle of the North[edit]

Back in 2013, before Brookhaven High School was closed permanently due to low attendance , Mifflin & Brookhaven was a football rivalry that would be played at the end of each season. The schools are approximately 4.9 mi away and we’re basically being separated by Westerville Rd. That last game would always decide who the “King of the North” was. Once that was no longer happening, in 2014 at the end of the season they played Whetstone, which isn’t considered a “rivalry” , but is Mifflin’s City League North Foe. Mifflin developed a lot of rivalries within their division which include Beechcroft High School and Northland High School which are predominately played in the middle of the season back to back. Beechcroft was also Brookhaven’s rival also. Beechcroft and Brookhaven are exactly 3.8 mi apart, which made the rivalry more intense. Once Brookhaven closed most of the students that attended were transferred to Mifflin. Then came “The Battle of the North” between Beechcroft and Mifflin , and also Northland and Mifflin. The reason why it’s named this is because usually whoever ends up winning each “Battle” is crowned the “King” of the City League North. Meaning whoever wins is more than likely going to win the City League North.

Ohio High School Athletic Association State Championships[edit]

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also known for violence in some cases and por ratings, but overall an ok school.