Mikhail Artemyevich Muravyov

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Mikhail Artemyevich Muravyov
Муравйов Михайло.jpg
Born(1880-09-25)September 25, 1880
Burdukovo, Kostroma Governorate, Russian Empire
DiedJuly 11, 1918(1918-07-11) (aged 37)
Simbirsk, Russian SFSR
Allegiance Russian Empire,  Russian SFSR
Service/branchTsar's Army, Red Army
Years of service1904–1918
Commands heldcompany of 122nd Tambov Infantry Regiment
Petrograd's Defense
Petrograd Military District
Armed forces against Kerensky
Chief of Staff for Antonov-Ovseyenko
Group of forces onto Kiev
Armed forces of Odessa
Red Army Eastern Front
Simbirsk separatist forces
Battles/warsRusso-Japan War
World War I
Russian Civil War

Mikhail Artemyevich Muravyov (Russian: Михаи́л Арте́мьевич Муравьёв) (September 25 [O.S. September 13] 1880 – July 11, 1918) was a Russian officer who changed sides during the time of the Civil War.

He was born in a village of Burdukovo, near Vetluga Kostroma Governorate to a peasant family. In 1898 he entered the army, serving in the Russo-Japanese War and World War I, in which he was a lieutenant colonel on the Southwestern Front.

After the February Revolution he organized volunteer units to continue the war, but he became disaffected from the Provisional Government and joined the Left Socialist-Revolutionaries. During the October Revolution he defended Petrograd against the forces of Alexander Kerensky.

In January 1918 he led Red Guard units against the Central Rada of Ukraine and after the Battle of Kruty his forces took Kiev where they performed mass terror against the offices of the imperial army and pro-Ukrainian elements. Then his forces fought for the Odessa Soviet Republic against the Romanians and Austro-Hungarians, and in spring 1918 against the Don Cossack forces of General Kaledin.

However, after he had been named commander of the Eastern Front, fighting the Czechoslovak Legion, he heard of the Left SR uprising against the Bolsheviks in early July and rebelled, sailing down the Volga with a thousand men, hoping to take Simbirsk (Muravyov revolt [ru]). He was captured by the Bolsheviks, resisted arrest, and was shot while trying to draw a gun.

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