Miller's pier

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Miller's pier
Russian: пристань Миллера
regional rail
Miller Pier in 1900s.jpg
View of Miller's pier in 1913
Coordinates 60°7′5″N 29°56′28″E / 60.11806°N 29.94111°E / 60.11806; 29.94111Coordinates: 60°7′5″N 29°56′28″E / 60.11806°N 29.94111°E / 60.11806; 29.94111
Line(s) Miller's line
Structure type at-grade
Opened 1875
Societies of the Sestroretsk railway,
Miller's line (1873-1886)
0,0 Vyborg line
Up arrow Vyborg
Up arrow Zelenogorsk
Up arrow Solnechnoye
5.9 Sestra crossover
6.6 Beloostrov
0,0 Vyborg line
Down arrow Finlyandsky Rail Term.
Down arrow Lanskaya
Down arrow Pesochny
Sestra river
1.8 Trackside 1871-1886
0,0 SPb-Sestr.-Beloostrov
Down arrow Kurort
Planned ferry line
2.9 Miller's pierGulf of Finland
0,0 Trackside
0,0 SPb-Sestr.-Beloostrov
Up arrow Kurort
2.2 Sestroretsky kurort
0.5 Factory bridgeZav. s.
0.0 Sestroretsk stationSestroretsk (1871-1924)
Sestroretsk armory
lake Rasliw
0,0 planned trackside
Vodoslivnoy channel
1.7 Sestroretsk
1.7 Line Dubki horse-iron road
Right arrow Sestroretsk armory (1847-before 1870)
Left arrow Dubkovsky pier
2.1 Liteyny bridge
3.5 Razliv
line SPb-Sestr.-Beloostrov
Down arrow Finlyandsky Rail Term.
Down arrow Novaya derevnya
Down arrow Tarkhovka
5.7 Tarkhovka pier
Ships to Saint Petersburg(Gulf of Finland)
Distances in kilometers
Miller's line railroad line includes Sestroretsk spur line

Miller's pier (Russian: при́стань Ми́ллера, Pristan Millera), is a railway station at the quay in Sestroretsk Kurort, Russia. The 50-metre (160 ft) pier was constructed from boulders dumped into the Gulf of Finland. In time, the harbour acquired the name "Miller's Harbour".

On the bay coast, in 1875, a branch line was laid to the landing stage, and the first structures were erected on it in the same year.[1] In 1899–1900 the Kurort's esplanade was opened, and the line was surrounded with two low enclosures.[1]


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Station at the beginning of the 20th century