Ministry of Defence Production (Pakistan)

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Ministry of Defence Production
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Agency overview
Formed2004 (2004)
HeadquartersRawalpindi, Punjab Province
Minister responsible
Agency executives
  • Lt Gen (R) Muhammad Ijaz Chaudhry HI(M) Secretary (DP)[1], Federal Secretary, Ministry of Defence Production
  • Maj Gen Akif Iqbal Addl Secretary (DP) [2], Additional Secretary, Defence Production

The Ministry of Defence Production (Urdu: وزارت دفاعی پيداوار‎, abbreviated as MoDP), is a Cabinet-level ministry of Pakistan government concerned with the development and production of the full range of equipment and stores for the Pakistan Armed Forces ranging from platforms such as main battle tanks and multi-role combat aircraft to guided weapons, small arms, uniforms and unguided munitions of all calibres. The current Defense Production Minister of Pakistan is Zubaida Jalal Khan.


Zubaida Jalal Khan is the Minister of Defence Production; Lt. General (Retd) Tanvir Tahir is the Federal Secretary of Ministry of Defence Production; and Major General Akif Iqbal is Additional Secretary at Ministry of Defence Production (MoDP) based at Calcutta House in Rawalpindi.

The MoDP bureaucracy is split into three wings; Administration (JS(DP)), Projects (OSD-I), and Foreign Collaboration (OSD-II) each overseen by an assistant secretary.

A list of MoDP organisations is provided at the bottom of the page.


With the creation of Pakistan, a Directorate General Supply and Development was established under Ministry of Defence. In 1953, it was reorganised as Defence Purchase Directorate.

The embargo imposed by Western powers on India and Pakistan during the war of 1965 led to the establishment of Directorate General Munitions Production and Procurement (DGMP&P) in 1967.

This was bifurcated in 1970 into the Directorate General of Munitions Defence Purchase (DGDP) and the Directorate General of Munitions Procurement (DGMP).

The first emphasis was small arms and the production of munitions by POF through tie-ups and technology-transfers from friendly states in the East and West, however the experience of the 1971 highlighted the attraction of greater self-sufficiency in major weapon systems.

As a result the Defence Production Division was established within the Pakistan Ministry of Defence in 1972 by President Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who appointed Abdul Hamid SQA,TPK as Secretary incharge of the division.

Significant investments were made through the 1970s and 1980s to establish enterprises such as Heavy Industries Taxila and Pakistan Aeronautical Complex with assistance from the People's Republic of China in particular, as well European defence companies from countries such as France and Sweden.

In 2004 under President Pervez Musharraf the MoD's Defence Production Division was upgraded to a separate Ministry of Defence Production (MoDP), headed by a federal minister. The MoD however retained control over NESCOM given its role in the development and production of strategic weapons.

MoDP organisations[edit]

  • Defence Export Promotion Organisation (DEPO)
  • Directorate General Defence Purchase (DGDP)
  • Directorate General Munitions Production (DGMP)
    • Military Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (MVRDE)
    • Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE)
    • Institute of Optronics (IOP)
  • Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT)
    • Heavy Rebuild Factory (T-Series)
    • Heavy Rebuild Factory (M-Series)
    • Advance System Rebuild Factory (ASRF)
    • Tank Manufacturing Factory
    • Armoured Personnel Carrier Factory
    • Gun Manufacturing Factory
  • Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC)
    • Aircraft Rebuild Factory (ARF)
    • Mirage Rebuild Factory (MRF)
    • Aircraft Manufacturing Factory (AMF)
    • Avionics Production Factory (APF)
  • Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works Limited (KS&EW)
  • Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF)
    • Wah Industries Ltd.
  • National Radio and Telecommunication Corporation (NRTC)
  • Global Industrial & Defence Solutions (GIDS) (export oriented conventional technologies & services developed by NESCOM)
    • Advance Engineering Research Organisation (AERO)
    • Integrated Defence System (IDS)
    • MSL (Maritime Systems Pvt. Limited)
    • Institute of Industrial Control System (IICS)
    • Al-technique Corporation (ATCOP)
    • Scientific Engineering & Technology Services (SETS)
    • Xpert Engineering Services

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