Heavy Industries Taxila

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Heavy Industries Taxila
Native name
Urdu: ہیوی انڈسٹریز ٹیکسلا
State owned enterprises
Industry Defence
Founded 1971; 46 years ago (1971)
Headquarters Taxila Cantonment
, Pakistan
Area served
Key people
Lieutenant-General Muhammad Naeem Ashraf
Col (R) Aqeel Ahmed, Si(M) Secretary HIT Board
Products Ammunitions
Combat vehicles
Services R&D
Website www.hit.gov.pk

Heavy Industries Taxila (Reporting name: HIT), is a major defence, military contractor, engineering conglomerate, and military corporation located in Taxila, Punjab, Pakistan.[1]

HIT is noted as being one of the largest defence contractor[2] The HIT promotes, markets, engineers, develops, and undertakes heavy engineering works for Pakistan's military and for the civilian law enforcement agencies.[3] Leadership in HIT is provided through the appointments made in the GHQ by the chief of army staff who approves the appointment to its chairmanship.[4]

Besides developing the heavy works, HIT also provides military gears for Pakistan's military, building krytron and developing technology involving the solid-state lighting.[3]




Main battle tanks (MBT)[edit]


Armoured personnel carriers (APC)[edit]

  • TalhaAPC based on M113 chassis with 5 road wheels, accommodates 11 fully equipped troops. 250 delivered to the Pakistan Army by 2006.[5]
  • SaadAPC based on the Talha design. Modified with extended hull and 6 road wheels, 14.5 mm machine gun, improved armour protection and a more powerful engine supplied by Germany's MTU. Accommodates 13 fully equipped troops.
  • Sakb – Armoured command vehicle based on Talha APC.[5]
  • Al-Hamza – Infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) based on the Saad APC, fitted with 25 mm automatic cannon, an export product not in service with the Pakistan Army.[5]
  • Armoured guided missile carriers:
    • Maaz – Based on the Talha APC, armed with the Baktar-Shikan anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) launcher and operated by a crew of 4. There is capacity for 8 extra rounds and the missile firing unit on the roof is retracted into the cabin for reloading.[5]
    • Mouz – Based on the Talha APC, armed with either the RBS 70 or Anza I/II air-defence missile systems. The missile firing unit on the roof is retracted into the cabin for reloading.[5]
  • Auxiliary armoured vehicles:

Armoured cars[edit]

Under development[edit]

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