Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Azerbaijan)

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Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Аzərbаycаn Rеspubliкаsının Mədəniyyət və Turizm Nazirliyi
Emblem of Azerbaijan.svg
Coat of Arms of Azerbaijan
Agency overview
Formed May, 1953
Headquarters Azadliq Avenue 1, Government House Baku, Azerbaijan Republic AZ1000
Agency executives

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic (Azerbaijani: Аzərbаycаn Rеspubliкаsının Mədəniyyət və Turizm Nazirliyi) is a governmental agency within the Cabinet of Azerbaijan in charge of regulation of the activities in and development of tourism in Azerbaijan and promotion of Azerbaijani culture. The ministry is headed by Abulfaz Garayev.[1]


The ministry was established in May 1953 with a purpose of preservation, development, promotion of rich Azerbaijani culture and arts. The agency's included implementation of local and international cultural programs, projects and holding events in various countries. The objectives were to preserve and protect historical monuments and real estate, their renovation and use, modernization of libraries and museums, protection and promotion of Azerbaijani folklore, development of cultural clubs, resorts and parks, revitalization of tourism, development of theater, musical and other forms of arts, revitalization of cinema and book publications and so forth.[2]


The ministry is headed by the minister with three deputy ministers.[3] Main functions of the ministry are implementation of state policies in the tourism sector and promotion of Azerbaijani culture, formulation and implementation of short-, mid- and long-term strategies and programs, increasing activities in cultural sector among the youth, create conditions for every citizen to contribute to the cultural development in Azerbaijan, increase production of Azerbaijani films, etc.[2]

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