Ministry of Interior (Saudi Arabia)

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ministry of Interior
وزارة الداخلية
Ministry of Interior Saudi Arabia.svg
Ministry of Interior Emblem
Agency overview
Formed 8 January 1926; 90 years ago (1926-01-08)
Jurisdiction Saudi Arabia
Headquarters Olaya, Riyadh
Agency executives
Website Official Website

The Ministry of Interior (Arabic: وزارة الداخلية) is the responsible authority for national security, naturalization, immigration and customs in Saudi Arabia. It was founded in 1951 after the combined ministerial body covering financial and interior affairs were separated.[1][2]


The ministry consists of the following units:

Division of Internal Security[edit]

Division of Naturalisation and Residency[edit]

The Division of Naturalisation and Residency enforces immigration laws with the Ministry's "Immigration and Customs enforcement Police". The Ministry is also responsible for issuing Passports and National Identification for Saudi citizens and residence Permit for non-Saudis.


Ministry of Interior in Riyadh

The first minister of interior was Abdullah bin Faisal, son of King Faisal.[2] Prince Ahmed was appointed interior minister on 18 June 2012.[3] It was reported that he would not basically alter the security policies of Saudi Arabia since the country faced a threat from Al Qaeda in Yemen and experienced an unrest among its Shi'ite Muslim minority.[4]

List of Ministers[edit]

Aircraft inventory[edit]

Aircraft Type Versions In service Notes
Sikorsky S-70 utility/transport helicopter S-70i 3[5]
Sikorsky S-92 utility/transport helicopter S-92 17 Some are armed with machine guns
Sikorsky S-434 training helicopter S-434 9 Used for training
Kawasaki-Vertol 107 utility KV-107IIA-SM-1 7 Used for firefighting
Kawasaki-Vertol 107 utility/transport KV-107IIA-SM-2 4 Aeromedical and rescue helicopter
Kawasaki-Vertol 107 transport KV-107IIA-SM-3 2 VIP transport
Kawasaki-Vertol 107 utility/transport KV-107IIA-SM-4 3 Air ambulance


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