Ministry of Justice (Vietnam)

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Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Ministry of Justice
Bộ Tư pháp
Ministry overview
Formed 1945
Jurisdiction Government of Vietnam
Headquarters Ha Noi
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ, Vietnamese: Bộ Tư pháp) is the government ministry in Vietnam responsible for state administration on development and implementation of laws and regulations, post-review of legal normative documents, control of administrative procedures, and legal dissemination and education. It also governs the execution of civil and administrative judgments, judicial-administrative activities, judicial affairs support, state compensation and execution of judgments and other justice works nationwide; in addition to the implementation of laws and regulations on handling of administrative violations.

Ministerial units[edit]

  • Department of General Affairs on Legislative Development
  • Department of Economic and Civil Legislation
  • Department of Criminal and Administrative Legislation
  • Department of International Law
  • Department of Legal Dissemination and Education
  • Department of Planning and Finance
  • Department of International Cooperation
  • Department of Organisation and Personnel
  • Ministry's Inspectorate
  • Ministry's Office
  • General Bureau of Civil Execution
  • Bureau of Legal Normative Documents Post-Review
  • Bureau of Administrative Procedure Control
  • Bureau of Civil Status, Nationality, Authentication
  • Bureau of Child Adoption
  • Bureau of Legal Aid
  • Bureau of National Registry of Secured Transactions
  • Bureau of State Compensation
  • Bureau of Judicial Affairs Support
  • Bureau of Information Technology

Administrative units[edit]

  • Institute of Legal Science
  • Academy of Justice
  • Hanoi University of Law
  • Judicial Publishing House
  • Vietnam Law Newspaper
  • Democracy and Law Journal

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