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This article is about the kaiju. For the straight edge grindcore band, see Monster X (band).
Godzilla film series character
Monster X
Alias Monster X II
Kaiser Ghidorah
Keizer Ghidorah
First/last appearance Godzilla: Final Wars

Monster X (モンスターエックス?, Monsatā Ekkusu), also known as Keizer Ghidorah (カイザーギドラ?, Kaizā Gidora), is a Kaiju that first appeared in the 2004 Godzilla film, Godzilla: Final Wars. Although Monster X is a similar species to King Ghidorah, the two are not the same and have separate trademarks, owing to the drastically different abilities between them.



Video games[edit]


Monster X is a powerful opponent capable of using various attacks to overpower his foes. He can fire gravity beams from his eyes, utilise telekinesis to levitate, fly and throw enemies around, and summon vast amounts of energy to transform. As Keizer Ghidorah, he can fire gravity beams from all three of his heads, choke foes using his necks, and drain energy from his opponent by biting them. Keizer Ghidorah also displays very large amounts of durability, being capable of defending against Godzilla's attacks seemingly relentlessly, and only being severely damaged by the nuclear monster's Red Spiral Ray.