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This article is about the monster. For the 1956 film, see Rodan (film). For other uses, see Rodan (disambiguation).
Godzilla film series character
Rodan poster detail.jpg
First appearance Rodan (1956)
Last appearance Godzilla 2 (2018)
Created by Ken Kuronuma
Portrayed by Shōwa series
Haruo Nakajima
Kōji Uruki
Masaki Shinohara
Teruo Aragaki
Millennium series
Naoko Kamio
Aliases Radon
Monster Zero-Two
Fire Rodan[1]

Rodan (ラドン Radon?) is a kaiju who first appeared as the titular character in Toho's 1956 film Rodan. Though the character started off in its own stand-alone film, Rodan was later featured in the Godzilla franchise.



The Japanese name "Radon" is a contraction of "pteranodon"). Radon is usually referred to as "Rodan" for English speaking markets; however, in Toho's English dub for Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II, the character is completely referenced as Radon the whole time.


Rodan is classified as a Pteranodon in the films. It is occasionally portrayed as a rival and enemy of Godzilla, but is usually depicted as one of Godzilla's allies, much like Anguirus. Rodan and Anguirus both started out as enemies of Godzilla, which explains the occasional enmity between the creatures and Godzilla himself on the rare occasion that they are pitted against one another.[2] In Rodan's debut, two individuals of their kind appeared, who were both siblings.




Video games[edit]



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