Montenegrin parliamentary election, 2001

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Montenegrin parliamentary elections were held on April 22, 2001.

Dark Blue: absolute SNP-SNS-NS majority
Light Blue: relative SNP-SNS-NS majority
Red: DPS-SDP absolute majority
Orange: relative DPS-SDP majority
Light Green: Liberal relative majority


e • d Summary of the 2001 Assembly of the Republic of Montenegro election results
List Votes  % Seats +/–
Main Albanian by-elect
Victory is of Montenegro – Democratic Coalition - Milo Đukanović ("Побједа је Црне Горе – Демократска коалиција - Мило Ђукановић") 153,946 42.04 33 +3 −1
Together for Yugoslavia (Заједно за Југославију) 148,513 40.56 33 −1
Liberal Alliance of Montenegro - Liberals, What Else! (Либерални савез Црне Горе - Либерали, него што!) 28,746 7.85 6 +1
People's Socialist Party of Montenegro – mr Momir Bulatović (Народна социјалистичка странка Црне Горе - мр Момир Булатовић) 10,702 2.92
Serbian Radical Party – Dr Vojislav Šešelj (Српска радикална странка - "др Војислав Шешељ") 4,275 1.17
Democratic Union of Albanians (Демократска унија Албанаца) 4,232 1.16 +1 ±0
Bosniak-Moslem Coalition in Montenegro (Бошњачко-муслиманска коалиција у Црној Гори) 4,046 1.11
Democratic Alliance in MontenegroMehmet Bardhi (Демократски савез у Црној Гори - Мехмет Бардхи) 3,570 0.98 +1 ±0
Communist and Labor parties - For Yugoslavia and the Rule of the Workers' Class (Комунистичке и радничке партије - за Југославију и власт радничке класе) 1,640 0.45
Osman Redža - Party of Democratic Prosperity (Осман Реџа - Партија демократског просперитета) 1,572 0.43
Party of Foreign Currency Savers of Montenegro (Странка девизних штедиша Црне Горе) 639 0.17
Party of Law of Nature (Странка природног закона) 512 0.14
Liberal Democratic Party - Vote for Montenegro (Либерално-демократска партија - Глас за Црну Гору) 354 0.1
Dr Novak Kilibarda - People's Concord of Montenegro (Др Новак Килибарда - Народна слога Црне Горе) 268 0.07
Party of Savings and Social Security of Citizens of Montenegro (Странка заштите штедних улога и социјалне правде грађана Црне Горе) 199 0.05
Yugoslav Left in Montenegro (Југословенска левица у Црној Гори) 190 0.05
invalid votes 2,748 0.75
Total (turnout 81.79%; +5.75%) 366,152 100 72 +5 −1

Victory is of Montenegro[edit]

The Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro received 30 seats, while the Socialdemocratic Party of Montenegro received 6 seats.

Milo lost the elections as the remainder united under the Yugoslav movement.

Together for Yugoslavia[edit]

The Socialist People's Party of Montenegro received 21 seat, People's Party of Montenegro got 9 and the Serbian People's Party of Montenegro 3. The coalition won these elections and had support of the majority of the Parliament, but inner conflicts and organized obstruction from the opposition under Milo Djukanovic, prevented it from succeeding in forming the government which was supposed to be led by Prime Minister candidate Predrag Bulatović. The deadline passed an Predrag reformed a more organized and stronger coalition determined to repeat the election in 2002, however disappointment returned Milo Đukanović's DPS CG to power which won the election.