Democratic Union of Albanians

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Democratic Union of Albanians
Demokratska unija Albanaca
Unioni Demokratik i Shqipëtarëve
Leader Ferhat Dinosha
Founded 21 November 1993[1]
Headquarters Ulcinj
Ideology Albanian minority interests, Conservatism
0 / 81

The Democratic Union of Albanians (Montenegrin: Demokratska unija Albanaca, Albanian: Unioni Demokratik i Shqiptarëve) is an Albanian minority political party in Montenegro.

The party took part in the campaign prior to Montenegrin independence referendum, promoting Montenegro's independence alongside DPS, SDP, GP and LP.

At the last legislative elections in Montenegro, in October 2012, the party won one seat. The party president holds the position of Minister for Human and Minority Rights Protection in the Government of Montenegro.

The party's leader, Ferhat Dinosha, is known for being against same sex marriage in Montenegro, famously quoting that "the Albanian zone in Montenegro was free from homosexuals", and that "if there were any homosexuals in Montenegro, that this would be bad for the country".[citation needed]