Mount Vernon Mansion replicas

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Virginia State Building (1893, demolished), World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, Illinois.

Mount Vernon Mansion replicas are replica buildings or buildings inspired by Mount Vernon, the mansion of U.S. President George Washington in Fairfax County, Virginia, United States. Such buildings usually feature Mount Vernon's iconic piazza but might also copy its cupola, distinct dimensions, red-white-and-green color scheme, asymmetrical window distribution, or three-part organization.[1]

Exposition buildings[edit]

Full-sized replicas of the Mount Vernon mansion were built for six international expositions:[2]


  • Little Mount Vernon - Built in 1937 in Eutawville, South Carolina for Mr. George Weatherford and his wife, Mrs. Emma Cross Weatherford. Later, their daughter, Carolyn, was married on the North front lawn. The wedding is remembered as one of the biggest celebrations the town of Eutawville has ever seen. Little Mount Vernon was abandoned in the late 1990's and sustained damage over the years due to weather and vandalism. The house was purchased in March 2018 and repairs are currently underway. The new local owners hope to restore this Mount Vernon inspired home to its former glory and open it as a venue where couples can host their own version of Carolyn's wedding celebration for years to come.

Other buildings[edit]


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