Muddus National Park

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Muddus National Park
Muddus nationalpark
IUCN category II (national park)
Location Norrbotten County, Sweden
Coordinates 66°54′N 20°10′E / 66.900°N 20.167°E / 66.900; 20.167Coordinates: 66°54′N 20°10′E / 66.900°N 20.167°E / 66.900; 20.167
Area 493.4 km2 (190.5 sq mi)[1]
Established 1942, extended 1984[1]
Governing body Naturvårdsverket

Muddus is a national park in northern Sweden. It is situated in the province Lapland, with its largest part in the Gällivare Municipality. Furthermore, it belongs to the largely untouched UNESCO World Heritage classified Laponian area.

Natural scenes include the old-growth forest with large trees, large boggy grounds, and deep ravines in between the rocks. Sweden's oldest known pine tree is also located here. It has been estimated to be at least 710 years, as it was found to have withstood a forest fire in 1413.

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