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In August 2014, Mustang Wanted climbed Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building in Moscow, painted the upper half of the star at the top of the building in blue and raised the Ukrainian flag above it.

Pavlo Gennadiyovich Ushivets (Ukrainian: Павло Геннадійович Ушивець, Russian: Павел Геннадьевич Ушивец,[1] born 21 January 1987 in Kiev, Ukraine), better known as Mustang Wanted, is a Ukrainian urban climber and Internet celebrity.[2] He is known for the high-altitude stunts he performs around the world with little or no safety equipment.


On 19–20 August 2014, he climbed Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building, one of the Seven Sisters (a group of skyscrapers in Moscow designed in the Stalinist style), painted the spire in blue and raised the Ukrainian flag on the top of the building. He dedicated the performance to Independence Day of Ukraine (celebrated on 24 August).[3] He suggested online that he was willing to be arrested by Russian police in exchange for the release of Ukrainian pilot Nadya Savchenko,[3] who was captured by pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine and abducted to Russia.[4] He received the 2014 Troublemaker Award for this stunt.[5]

Mustang Wanted hanging on steel beam
Mustang Wanted selfie at Kudrinskaya Square Building
Mustang Wanted one hand hanging

Mustang Wanted, who identifies himself as Heorhiy (or Grigory), is a resident of Kyiv.[3] Among other buildings, he has climbed Vienna's Votivkirche,[6] Princess Tower in Dubai[7] and Most SNP in Bratislava.[8] In September 2016, Ushivets attended the Toronto Film Festival, where he participated in the announcement of a new film based on his exploits and those of three additional Russian climbers. The film title is We Kill Death, and it will be produced by Alex Ginzburg and Tony Lee.[9] In August 2017, Ushivets, during an interview with the Russian service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, announced that he will not do any more "provocative stunts" in Russia.[9]



  • Commemorative Fire-arm (2014), for painting the star on the Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building[11]


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