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Native toSomalia
Native speakers
183,000 (2015)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3(included in swh)

Bravanese, also called Chimwiini (ChiMwini, Mwiini, Mwini) or Chimbalazi[4] is a variety of Swahili spoken by the Bravanese people, who are the predominant inhabitants of Barawa, or Brava, in Somalia.[5] Maho (2009) considers it a distinct dialect. It is classified as a Northern Dialect of Swahili.[6]

Due to the ongoing Somali Civil War, most speakers have left the region and are scattered throughout the world in ex-refugee immigrant communities in places such as Columbus and Atlanta in the United States, London and Manchester in the United Kingdom, and Mombasa, Kenya.[7] Ethnologue classifies its language status in Somalia as developing.[8]

Bravanese may have once served as a regional lingua franca due to the key coastal location of Barawa. One piece of linguistic evidence for this comes from morphological reduction. For example, it has a three-way tense system, which is simpler than that of neighboring Bantu dialects historically spoken in Somalia.[6]

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