NGC 3953

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NGC 3953
NGC3953 - SDSS DR14 (panorama).jpg
NGC 3953 by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
ConstellationUrsa Major
Right ascension11h 53m 48.9s[1]
Declination+52° 19′ 36″[1]
Redshift1052 ± 2 km/s[1]
Apparent magnitude (V)10.8[1]
Apparent size (V)6'.9 × 3'.5[1]
Other designations
UGC 6870,[1] PGC 37306[1]

NGC 3953 is a barred spiral galaxy located in the constellation Ursa Major. The galaxy is known to exhibit an inner ring structure that encircles the bar. NGC 3953 is a member of the M109 Group, a large group of galaxies located within the constellation Ursa Major that may contain over 50 galaxies.[2][3][4][5]

Two supernovae have been identified within NGC 3953:[1] the type Ia supernova SN 2001dp[6] and SN 2006bp.[7]


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Coordinates: Sky map 11h 53m 48.9s, +52° 19′ 36″