NGC 3632

Coordinates: Sky map 11h 20m 03.8s, +18° 21′ 25″
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NGC 3632
SDSS image of NGC 3632
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension11h 20m 03.794s[1]
Declination+18° 21′ 24.45″[1]
Heliocentric radial velocity1488 km/s[2]
Distance74.72 ± 0.39 Mly (22.91 ± 0.12 Mpc)[3]
Apparent magnitude (V)10.98[4]
Apparent magnitude (B)11.80[4]
Other designations
Caldwell 40, NGC 3626, UGC 6343, MCG +03-29-032, PGC 34684[2]

NGC 3632 (also known as Caldwell 40) and NGC 3626[6] is an unbarred lenticular galaxy[5] and Caldwell object in the constellation Leo. It was discovered by William Herschel, on 14 March 1784. It shines at magnitude +10.6[6]/+10.9. Its celestial coordinates are RA 11h 20.1m , dec +18° 21′. It is located near the naked-eye-class A4 star Zosma, as well as galaxies NGC 3608, NGC 3607, NGC 3659, NGC 3686, NGC 3684, NGC 3691, NGC 3681, and NGC 3655. Its dimensions are 2′.7 × 1′.9.[6] The galaxy belongs to the NGC 3607 group some 70 million light-years distant, itself one of the many Leo II groups.[7]


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