Nadaburg Unified School District

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The Nadaburg Unified School District is the K-8 school district in the town of Wittmann, Arizona.[1] It operates only two elementary schools: Nadaburg Elementary (the historical school in the town), as well as Desert Oasis Elementary inside Surprise city limits. It is, however, likely to add its own high school by 2013 (it originally planned to have it built by 2010,[2] but that never happened). Current Nadaburg students attend Wickenburg High School in that town, just up US 60.

As a unified school district in Arizona, the Nadaburg district would have the authority to operate its own high school. A district must be considered "unified" to serve both K-8 and high school students, as demonstrated by the need for the J.O. Combs Unified School District to actually hold a unification vote before beginning to build its own high school.


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