Namibia–United Kingdom relations

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Namibia-United Kingdom relations
Map indicating locations of Namibia and United Kingdom


United Kingdom

Namibia–United Kingdom relations refers to the bilateral relationship between Namibia and the United Kingdom. Relations are considered good and the British Council operates in Namibia. In 2013 Steve Katjiuanjo became Namibia's High Commissioner in London. The mission is accredited to Cyprus, Greece, Ireland and Malta as well as multilateral organizations based in London. Since January 2018, Kate Airey has been the High Commissioner of the United Kingdom to Namibia.[1]


The Rio Tinto Group, a mining company based in the United Kingdom and Australia owns 69% of the Rössing Uranium Mine in Namibia.[2] In 2008, the United Kingdom imported more than $700 million worth of goods from Namibia, making it the second largest importer of Namibian goods after neighboring South Africa.[3]


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