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Naoko Otani (大谷直子, Ōtani Naoko, born April 3, 1950 in Sumida, Tokyo) is a Japanese actress.[1] She made her screen debut in The Human Bullet while still a high school student, and became popular for her role in the NHK Asadora television programme Nobuko to Obāchan (信子とおばあちゃん, Nobuko and Grandmother) in 1969.

She published a collection of nude photos while pregnant.[2] She has been married twice.[citation needed]


Date Title Type Role
1970 Yakuza Zessyō Film
1978 Torakku Yarō - Ichibanboshi Kita e Kaeru Film Madonna
1980 Zigeunerweisen Film
1992 The River with No Bridge Film Fude Hatanaka
1999 Will to Live Film Bar proprietor
2007 Dear Friends Film
2012 Land of Hope Film Chieko Ono


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