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Naoko Otani (大谷直子 Ōtani Naoko?, born April 3, 1950 in Sumida, Tokyo) is a Japanese actress.[1] She made her screen debut in The Human Bullet while still a high school student, and became popular for her role in the NHK Asadora television programme Nobuko to Obāchan (信子とおばあちゃん?, Nobuko and Grandmother) in 1969.

She published a collection of nude photos while pregnant.[2] She has been married twice.[citation needed]


Date Title Type Role
1978 Torakku Yarō - Ichibanboshi Kita e Kaeru Film Madonna
1980 Zigeunerweisen Film
1999 Will to Live Film Bar proprietor
2007 Dear Friends Film
2012 Land of Hope Film Chieko Ono


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