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Aerial view of Napasoq
Aerial view of Napasoq
Napasoq is located in Greenland
Location within Greenland
Coordinates: 65°02′50″N 52°22′50″W / 65.04722°N 52.38056°W / 65.04722; -52.38056Coordinates: 65°02′50″N 52°22′50″W / 65.04722°N 52.38056°W / 65.04722; -52.38056
State  Kingdom of Denmark
Constituent country  Greenland
Municipality Qeqqata-coat-of-arms.svg Qeqqata
 • Mayor Jens Kristiansen
Population (2010)
 • Total 85
Time zone UTC-03
Postal code 3912 Maniitsoq

Napasoq (old spelling: Napassoq/Napâssoq) is an island settlement in the Qeqqata municipality, in central-western Greenland. Located on a small island on the shores of Davis Strait, it had 85 inhabitants in 2010.[2]


Napasoq is the smallest settlement in the municipality, and has been depopulating for the last two decades.[3] Its population has decreased more than a half relative to the 1990 levels, and by nearly 16 percent relative to the 2000 levels.[3]

Napasoq population dynamics
Napasoq population growth dynamics in the last two decades. Source: Statistics Greenland[3]