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National Border Service
Servicio Nacional de Fronteras de la República de Panamá
MottoDios Y Patria
God and Country
Agency overview
FormedAugust 8, 2008
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdictionPanama
Constituting instrument
  • Decree Law No. 8, 2008[1]
General nature
Specialist jurisdiction
  • National border patrol, security, and integrity.
Operational structure
Overviewed byMinistry of Public Security
Sworn members3,624 officers (2013)[2]
Unsworn members123 personnel (2013)[2]
Elected officer responsible
  • Juan Manuel Pino Forero, Minister of Public Security
Agency executives
  • Oriel Ortega Benitez[3], Director General
  • Roger E. Mojica R.[3], Deputy Director General
Parent agencyPanamanian Public Forces

The National Border Service, also called SENAFRONT (abbreviation for Spanish: Servicio Nacional de Fronteras) is a police force specialized in the land border area and branch of the Panamanian Public Forces. Its mission is to protect Panama's land borders and protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity and protect rights and freedoms of people, maintain public order, prevent and investigate crimes within their jurisdictions.[1]


In case of emergency or an foreign attack on Panama, SENAFRONT is the principal entity of the security forces trained to plan, organize, direct and execute all actions that ensure the security of the territory and population within the sovereign jurisdiction of the territory Panamanian with attachment and loyalty to constitutional and legal order established in the country.

It is currently deployed operationally in 7 combat battalions and one logistic battalion. On the border with the Republic of Colombia, the Eastern Brigade composed of: Caribbean Battalion, Central Battalion, Pacific Battalion, Fluvial Battalion, Battalion General José De Fabregas and Support and Service Battalion.


The SENAFRONT is headed by a Director General, which is appointed by President of Panama with recommendation of Minister of Government and Justice per article 14 of Decree Law No. 8 of August 20, 2008.

The border with the Republic of Costa Rica is the responsibility of the Western Battalion.

Has a Group of Special Forces which is organized by a Special Forces Battalion and deployed in 3 companies as follows:

  • Reconnaissance Company and Combat Anti-Narcotics (RECOM).
  • Jungle Operations Company.
  • Company Cobra Assault and Infiltration.

Its agents are often trained by the United States Army as there are daily clashes with FARC guerrillas on the border with Colombia.


Small arms[edit]

Name Origin Photo Type
Glock 17  Austria Glock 17 (6825676904) без фона.jpg 9x19mm Semiautomatic pistol
CZ Scorpion Evo 3  Czech Republic CZ Scorpion Evo 3.jpg 9x19mm submachine gun
Colt M16 Assault Rifle[4]  United States M16A2 noBG.jpg Assault rifle
Colt M4 carbine[5]  United States Coltm4a1.jpeg Carbine
IMI Galil ACE  Israel/ Colombia ACE32.JPG Carbine
T65 Assault Rifle[6]  Taiwan TwT65.JPG Assault rifle
AKMS  Soviet Union AKM automatkarbin, Ryssland - 7,62x39mm - Armémuseum.jpg Assault rifle
AMD-65  Hungary AMD-65.jpg Carbine
AK-103  Russia Assault rifle
SVD Dragunov  Soviet Union SVD Dragunov.jpg Semiautomatic sniper rifle
M40A5 rifle  United States USMC-M40A5-pic001.jpg Bolt-action sniper rifle
Barrett M82  United States M82A1 barrett.jpeg Semiautomatic sniper rifle
FN Minimi  Belgium FN MINIMI Standard Right.jpg Light machine gun
M60 machine gun  United States M60GPMG.jpeg General Purpose Machine Gun
FN MAG[7]  Belgium FN MAG trípode.JPG General Purpose Machine Gun
PK machine gun  Soviet Union 7,62 KK PKM Helsinki 2012.JPG General Purpose Machine Gun
Browning M1919A4  United States Browning M1919a.png General Purpose Machine Gun
M2HB Browning  United States M2 Browning, Musée de l'Armée.jpg Heavy Machine Gun
M203 grenade launcher  United States Loading M203 40 mm grenade launcher attached to an M16 rifle.jpg 40mm grenade launcher
RPG-7  Soviet Union RPG-7V1 at Tank Biathlon 2014.jpg rocket-propelled Grenade
RPG-18  Soviet Union RPG-18-cutaway.JPG rocket-propelled Grenade


Name Origin Caliber Photos
M30 Mortar  United States 107mm 4.2-inch Mortar, RRCAS, CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick.JPG
Soltam 60mm mortar  Israel 60mm Mortar-60mm-latrun-exhibition-1-1.jpg
M19 mortar  United States 60mm


Name Origin Type Photos
Humvee  United States light utility vehicle High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (7859195840).jpg
Jeep J8  United States Gunship BPV -Border Patrol Vehicle 30 vehicle actually[8] Vehículos del Servicio Nacional de Fronteras Jeep J8-389RJ7G.jpg

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