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RPG-18 rocket launcher with PG-18 rocket
Type Rocket-propelled grenade
Place of origin Soviet Union
Service history
In service 1972– present
Wars Soviet War in Afghanistan
Nagorno Karabakh War
Tajikistan Civil War
First Chechen War
2008 South Ossetian War
Syrian Civil War
Weight 1.4 kg (unarmed)
2.6 kg (ready to fire)
Length 705 mm (unarmed)
1,050 mm (ready to fire)
Crew 1

Shell HEAT with a penetration of 300 mm of RHA
Caliber 64 mm
Action By using VP-18 impact fuze:
1,000 mm: Brick
500 mm: Concrete with VP-18 impact fuze.
Muzzle velocity 115 m/s
Effective firing range 200 m

The RPG-18 Mukha (Russian: Муха – "Fly") is a Soviet short-range, disposable light anti-tank rocket launcher.


RPG-18 (bottom) with comparable Soviet/Russian rocket launchers

The RPG-18 is very similar to the US M72-series LAW anti-tank rocket. The RPG-18 has been succeeded by the RPG-22, a very similar design with a larger warhead.


The RPG-18 fires a 64 mm PG-18 HEAT warhead mounted on a small rocket capable of engaging any target within 200 meters. The warhead self-destructs 6 seconds after launch, placing definite limits on range even if a sight was used that was effective with targets beyond 200 meters. The RPG-18 itself can penetrate up to 375 mm of conventional armor. However, performance is significantly diminished when the RPG-18 is employed against targets protected by HEAT-resistant ERA or composite armor.

Unlike better known weapons, the RPG-18 requires only one operator because it is not reloadable. Assistant grenadiers are used to help reload the RPG-2, RPG-7 and RPG-16 systems.


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