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National Sport School
88 Canada Olympic Drive SW

Coordinates51°05′04″N 114°13′21″W / 51.0844°N 114.2225°W / 51.0844; -114.2225
School typePublic (Canada)
Founded1994 (2011- new location)
School boardCalgary Board of Education
SuperintendentNaomi Johnson
Area trusteeLisa Davis (Wards 6/7)
PrincipalKathy Salmon
Enrollment199 (September 2018)
AreaWard 6

The National Sport School (NSS) is a public high school (secondary school) in Calgary, Alberta; which teaches grades 9 through 12. In partnership with Winsport Canada, the Calgary Board of Education created the school to support student athletes with Olympic potential. Canadian Olympic calibre athletes (current and potential) are able to train and travel internationally, while staying in school. It was founded in 1994 as the first national sport school in the country.

In 2003, NSS moved from its prior location at William Aberhart High School, into the northwest corner of the building housing Ernest Manning High School. However, it remains a distinct school, with its own principal, and students in the school do not follow the regular semester/scheduling system of other students (in or out of Ernest Manning).

In September 2011, the NSS moved from Ernest Manning to Canada Olympic Park in the Athletic & Ice Complex due to the old Ernest Manning location closing for LRT construction. The National Sport School is now located right in with training centers and ice rinks.

Special accommodations[edit]

An athlete's schedule is handled, by allowing students to enter or exit the program throughout the year, without losing credit for work already done (which would occur in a normal 2x5-month semester program). There is a low student-teacher ratio, for added attention. Also, on average, students have access to three computers each, including laptops. Students can remotely stay in contact with their teachers, even when away on competitions.

Calgary's Olympic legacy[edit]

The school is physically located to be sufficiently close to major sports facilities within Calgary, many of which were built for the 1988 Winter Olympics held in Calgary. CODA was the organization that ran those Olympics, and their support for the school, is intended to be part of the legacy of those games (along with the sports facilities).

Notable alumni[edit]

This section may include current and past students of the school (whether they graduated or not).

International medal winners[edit]

2006 Olympics[edit]

Athletes who have attended the school and competed for Canada at the 2006 Winter Olympics:[4]

Event Athlete
Alpine Skiing Shona Rubens
Sherry Lawrence
Short Track Speed Skating Alanna Kraus
Luge Alex Gough[5]
Grant Albrecht
Sam Edney[5]
Meaghan Simister[5]
Ian Cockerline
Women's Hockey Carla MacLeod
Jennifer Botterill
Freestyle Skiing Deidra Dionne
Kyle Nissen
Warren Shouldice
Ski Jumping Greg Baxter
Graham Gorham
Stefan Read
Nordic Combined Jason Myslicki
Max Thompson
Bobsleigh Kaillie Simundson
Biathlon Sandra Keith


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Further reading[edit]

  • Petrich, Ivana, "Sports school supports athletes' dreams in flight", Calgary Herald, January 26, 2006. pg. N.12 (written by student at NSS)

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