National Union for Democracy and Renewal

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The National Union for Democracy and Renewal (French: Union nationale pour la démocratie et le renouveau) (UNDR) is a political party in Chad, led by Saleh Kebzabo.

In the 1997 parliamentary election, UNDR won 15 out of 125 seats.[1] In the parliamentary election held on 21 April 2002, the party won five out of 155 seats.[2]

Kebzabo was the UNDR's candidate in the June 1996 presidential election, placing third with 8.61% of the vote.[3] He was also the party's candidate in the presidential election held on 20 May 2001, winning 7.0% of the vote.

The UNDR is a member party of the Coordination of Political Parties for the Defense of the Constitution (CPDC), the main opposition coalition opposed to the rule of president Idriss Déby.[4]