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Family name
Meaning snow
Region of origin Spain
Related names Neves

Nieves is a Spanish surname and a female given name from the title of the Virgin Mary Nuestra Señora de las Nieves meaning "Our Lady of the Snows".[1] The Portuguese variant is Neves. The surname is particularly common in Puerto Rico.


Notable people with the surname Nieves:

  • Ángel Nieves Díaz, Puerto Rican convict
  • Brian Nieves, American Politician
  • Christian Nieves Rodriguez, Puerto Rican Drum (instrument) player
  • Christian Nieves, Puerto Rican cuatro player
  • Jacoba Flores Nieves, Pascua Yaqui(Native American)(Head of One of the Original founding Families of the Pascua Yaqui Nation) Tucson Arizona) His 6th Generation descendant Jose Manuel Escoto Salazar Sr. (Native American)( Pascua Yaqui Tribe) 1980 Was the First Pascua Yaqui to become a Phoenix Police Communications Operator- 1985 The First to graduate from the Phoenix Police Academy-The First to Become a Phoenix Police Officer-1992 the first because of gunshot wounds in the line of Duty to Retire From the Phoenix Police Department.- Recognized as a natural born leader the United States Navy aided in the perfecting of his Leadership skills at the Leadership Training School in the United States Navy Amphibious Base Leadership Training Program at Coronado Island. For 20+ Years He served The United States of America as A Navy corpsman in various units IE Marine Corps, Fighting Seabee's, as a Front line Navy Surgical Tech and U.S. Marine Corps Field combat medic in Operation Desert Shield. Though a First Class Petty Officer he was often Ordered to as an enlisted person to act as a commanding Officer for an entire Medical Unit. As a Battalion Senior Corpsman he was remembered for his Unstoppable Fearlessness,and his military counter parts called Him the "Chief". In the 135yrs of the Phoenix Police Department in Arizona ,He is one of the Eight Native American Phoenix Police Officers to Serve with Honor and ever survive their careers. Of those eight He is the only "First of The Nations" ( First of all the Native American Tribes of the United States of America)to do so within the Phoenix Police Department. He was known as "The Voice of the Nations" When as a Chairman of a Committee he fraught for Recognition of Native American Phoenix Police officers, Note: Sadly in 2013-2014-2015 Currently the Phoenix Police Departments Museum in Phoenix Arizona refuses to Honor or recognize the contributions of Native American Phoenix Police Officers who Bled and Served with Honor in the Protection of its citizens. No Ethnic People of any kind are Ever to be allowed/ worthy/ or welcome within the walls of the Museum per the Curator Mike Nikolin who was willing to allow a Police dog to be honored, but not a Native American Phoenix Police Officer. Though Jose Salazar was Endorsed by President of the United States of America Barack Obama, the Native American Department of justice Head Marcia Hurd, the Legal Lobbyist and President of the Arizona Police Association Levi Boton, The President of the Phoenix Police Association Joe Clure, etc. In 2014 Jose Salazar was Honored and awarded a Veterans Medal by the Pascua Yaqui Tribe for his Military service to the Protection of the People and Nation of the United States Of America. It is the fist Veterans Medal ever issued by the Pascua Yaqui Nation for its Military Veterans .June 2015 Jose Manuel Escoto Salazar Sr. awaits responses from Arizona Congresswoman Senica and Congressman Gallegos to Decide if they will assist in the Recognition of Native American Phoenix Police Officers in Phoenix Arizona.
  • Jaliyla Nieves, Young professional and loving sister
  • José Alvarado Nieves, Mexican wrestler
  • José Antonio Nieves Conde, Spanish film director and screenplay writer
  • José Miguel Nieves, retired Venezuelan baseball player
  • Juan Nieves, retired Puerto Rican baseball player
  • Lisette Nieves, Puerto Rican-American businesswoman
  • Luis López Nieves, Puerto Rican author
  • María Antonieta de las Nieves, Mexican actress
  • Melvin Nieves, retired Puerto Rican baseball player
  • Nelson Nieves, Venezuelan fencer
  • Néstor Nieves, Venezuelan long-distance runner
  • Osvaldo Nieves, Puerto Rican track and field athlete
  • Roberto González Nieves, Puerto Rican church leader
  • Tito Nieves, Puerto Rican singer
  • Wil Nieves, Puerto Rican baseball player

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