Nishi-ku, Fukuoka

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Nishi Ward
Location of Nishi Ward in Fukuoka
Location of Nishi Ward in Fukuoka
Country Japan
Region Kyushu
Prefecture Fukuoka
City Fukuoka
Time zone Japan Standard Time (UTC+9)

Nishi-ku (西区?) is one of the seven wards of Fukuoka City, Japan. Meaning literally "west ward," it is bordered to the east by Sawara-ku, and to the west by Itoshima. As of 2003, it has a population of 173,813 people and an area of 83.81 km2. It has recently gained additional infrastructure in the form of the Nanakuma Line, in addition to the Fukuoka City Subway and the Chikuhi Line.

At the time of Fukuoka City's official designation as a City in 1972, Nishi-ku covered an area larger than it does today. On May 1, 1982, Nishi-ku was subdivided into the three smaller wards of Nishi-ku, Sawara-ku and Jōnan-ku.




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Coordinates: 33°34′58″N 130°19′23″E / 33.58278°N 130.32306°E / 33.58278; 130.32306