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Nishikujō Station
Location Nishikujō, Konohana, Osaka, Osaka
Operated by

Nishikujō Station (西九条駅, Nishikujō-eki) is a railway station located in Konohana-ku, Osaka, Japan. It is served by the Osaka Loop Line and the Sakurajima Line (JR Yumesaki Line) owned by West Japan Railway Company (JR West) as well as the Hanshin Namba Line owned by Hanshin Electric Railway.

JR West[edit]

Nishikujō Station
JR West station
Nishi-Kujo Station1.JPG
JR West Nishikujō Station (2005)
Location 1-32-18 Nishikujō, Konohana, Osaka, Osaka
Coordinates 34°40′57.59″N 135°28′0.44″E / 34.6826639°N 135.4667889°E / 34.6826639; 135.4667889
Operated by JR West
Line(s) Osaka Loop Line, Sakurajima Line (JR Yumesaki Line)
Opened 1898
Passengers (2008) 24,556 daily

At Nishikujō Station, regardless of the train type, through trains to/from the Osaka Loop Line and Sakurajima Line trains arrive and depart from center platforms 2 and 3 (there are two platforms on either side of a single central track). Also, some Osaka-bound trains depart from the Loop Line clockwise-bound platform and some Sakurajima-bound trains from the Loop Line counterclockwise platform.

Station layout[edit]

There are two island platforms with three tracks elevated.

1  Osaka Loop Line (mainly from Tennoji) outer track for Osaka and Kyōbashi
 JR Kyoto Line limited express trains and B rapid service for Shin-Osaka and Kyōto
2  JR Yumesaki Line for Universal City
 Osaka Loop Line from the JR Yumesaki Line for Osaka and Kyōbashi
3  JR Yumesaki Line for Universal City
 Kinokuni Line
(from Shin-Osaka)
limited express trains "Kuroshio" for Shirahama and Shingu
rapid services for Gobo
4  Osaka Loop Line inner track for Bentenchō, Shin-Imamiya and Tennōji
 Yamatoji Line for Nara
 Kansai Airport Line Kansai Airport rapid services for Kansai Airport
 Hanwa Line
(from Osaka)
for Wakayama
 JR Yumesaki Line part of through trains for Universal City

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Osaka Loop Line
Noda   Local   Bentencho
Noda   Regional Rapid Service   Bentencho
Noda   Direct Rapid Service   Bentencho
Fukushima   Yamatoji Rapid Service   Bentencho
Fukushima   Rapid Service
Kansai Airport Rapid Service
Kishuji Rapid Service
Tokaido Line (JR Kyōto Line), Osaka Loop Line, Hanwa Line through trains
Shin-Osaka   Rapid Service for Wakayama and Kii-Tanabe   Bentencho
Shin-Osaka   B Rapid Service for Shin-Ōsaka   Bentencho
Sakurajima Line (JR Yumesaki Line)
Noda (Osaka Loop Line)   Local (including shuttle trains)   Ajikawaguchi

Hanshin Electric Railway[edit]

Nishikujō Station
Hanshin Railway station
East entrance (2009)
Location 3-15 Nishikujō, Konohana, Osaka, Osaka
Coordinates 34°40′57.39″N 135°27′57.32″E / 34.6826083°N 135.4659222°E / 34.6826083; 135.4659222
Operated by Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Line(s) Hanshin Namba Line
Other information
Station code HS 45
Opened 1964
Passengers (2009) 22,071 daily

The station opened on May 21, 1964.

Station layout[edit]

The station was constructed with the level of tracks which cross over the Osaka Loop Line to schedule to extend to Namba.

The station consists of two elevated side platforms serving a track each. When the station opened, Platform 1 was rarely used while Platform 2 was used for trains bound for Amagasaki. Between 1965 and 1974 when Nishi-Osaka limited express trains were operated, Platform 1 was used for these trains. Until the opening of the Hanshin Namba Line in 2009, the track (platform) was used as the arrival platform from January 23 until February 23.

1  Hanshin Namba Line for Dome-mae, Ōsaka Namba, Ikoma, Yamato-Saidaiji and Nara
2  Hanshin Namba Line for Amagasaki, Koshien and Kobe Sannomiya
Change trains at Amagasaki or Kobe Sannomiya for Akashi and Himeji

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Hanshin Namba Line (HS 45)
Chidoribashi (HS 46)   Local   Kujō (HS 44)
Chidoribashi (HS 46)   Semi-Express
Suburban Semi-Express
  Kujō (HS 44)
Amagasaki (HS 09)   Rapid Express   Kujō (HS 44)

All rapid express trains pass Chidoribashi, Dempo, Fuku, Dekijima, and Daimotsu every day from March 20, 2012, and suburban semi-express trains run to Amagasaki instead.[Hanshin 1][Hanshin 2]

Surrounding area[edit]

  • Yoshinoya JR Nishikujo
  • Nishikujo Park
  • Asahibashi Park, Nishikujo Community Plaza
  • Creo Osaka West Building
  • Osaka Municipal Fire Department Konohana Fire Station Nishikujo Branch
  • Ajikawa Tunnel

Bus service[edit]

Operated by Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau
  • Nishikujō (West side of Nishikujō Station)
    • Route 82: for Takami Itchome
  • Nishikujō (North side of Nishikujō Station)
    • Route 56: for Torishima Shako-mae via Kasugade and Shimaya / for Osaka ekimae (Osaka Station) via Subway Tamagawa and Fukushima-nishi-dori
    • Route 59: for Torishima Shako-mae and Hokko Yacht Harbor / for Nodahanshin-mae and Osaka ekimae (Osaka Station) via Fukushima Kuyakusho-mae
    • Route 79: for Sakurajima Sanchome via Kasugade-minami Nichome and Shimaya
    • Route 81: for Maishima Sports Island


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