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Climate protest sign referencing No Nut November

No Nut November is an internet challenge in which participants abstain from masturbating or having an orgasm during the month of November.[1] Although No Nut November was originally intended to be satirical, some participants claim that abstaining from ejaculating and watching pornography has health benefits.[2][3] An Urban Dictionary entry for No Nut November was published in 2011, and in 2017, the movement started to gain popularity on social media.[4] It is associated with the NoFap community on Reddit, which encourages its members not to masturbate.[3] The Reddit community /r/NoNutNovember grew from 16,500 subscribers in November 2018[5] to 52,000 subscribers as of November 2019.[2]

After several public figures, such as Paul Joseph Watson promoted the campaign, EJ Dickson of Rolling Stone Magazine has suggested that the movement has been coopted by the far-right.[2] Vice Media criticized the challenge in 2018 after followers sent threats to xHamster's Twitter account.[6]

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