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This article is about the river in Poland. For the natural gas pipeline, see NOGAT Pipeline System. For other uses, see Nogat (disambiguation).
Nogat River
Nogat river and Malbork Castle in the afternoon.jpg
Origin Anabranch of the Vistula River near Biała Góra 53°54′43″N 18°52′47″E / 53.91194°N 18.87972°E / 53.91194; 18.87972
Mouth Vistula Lagoon 54°16′30″N 19°16′20″E / 54.27500°N 19.27222°E / 54.27500; 19.27222
Length 62 km
Basin area 1,130 km²

The Nogat is a 62 km long delta branch of the Vistula River and does not empty at Gdańsk Bay as the main river does.

The Nogat has its origin near the city of Biała Góra as an anabranch of the Vistula River. Shortly after the river Liwa flows into the Nogat. Than the river passes Malbork and winds NE towards Elbląg (but does not reach the city). NW of Elbląg the Nogat flows into the SW part of the Vistula Lagoon.

Malbork Castle on the Nogat

Historically the Nogat River divides East Prussia and West Prussia.

Coordinates: 54°16′30″N 19°16′20″E / 54.27500°N 19.27222°E / 54.27500; 19.27222