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Kozlow Biskupi Bzura01.jpg
The Bzura in Kozłów Biskupi
Bzura (river mouth)
Mouth of the Bzura on the map of Poland
Country Poland
Physical characteristics
River mouth Vistula
52°22′28″N 20°12′05″E / 52.3744°N 20.2013°E / 52.3744; 20.2013Coordinates: 52°22′28″N 20°12′05″E / 52.3744°N 20.2013°E / 52.3744; 20.2013
Length 173 km (107 mi)
  • Average rate:
    28.6 m3/s (1,010 cu ft/s)
Basin features
Progression VistulaBaltic Sea
Basin size 7,764 km2 (2,998 sq mi)

The Bzura is a river in central Poland, a tributary of the Vistula river (in Wyszogród), with a length of 173 kilometres and a basin area of 7,764 km2.[1] It was noteworthy during the Second World War as Polish forces made a major stand against the Wehrmacht in an attempt to halt the German advance on Warsaw (Battle of the Bzura).

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