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Brda flowing through Bydgoszcz.

The Brda (Polish pronunciation: [brda];[1] German: Brahe) is a river in northwestern Poland, a tributary of the Vistula. It is the country's 15th longest river, with a total length of 238 km and a catchment area (all within Poland) of 4,627 km².


The Brda is part of the Odra-Vistula waterway, connecting these two rivers via the Warta and Noteć Rivers and the Bydgoszcz Canal since end of the 18th century. The waterway is navigable for modest barges (of CEMT Class II) but with a limited draught.

With the expansion of the European Union to the East, the waterway could play an important role. It is a link in the much longer connection with Eastern Europe via the Vistula, Narew, Bug, Mukhavets, Pripyat, and Dnieper Rivers, but this connection remains unnavigable due to a dam near Brest, Belarus.

Currently, only limited numbers of vessels use the Brda River and the adjacent canal (however, the traffic was significantly larger from 1950s to 1970s, then diminishing step by step as time went by). It is expected that the waterway will be discovered by leisure boaters in the future. (Source: NoorderSoft Waterways Database)

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  1. ^ Broad phonetic transcription. This word has one syllable, so the stress mark is not necessary. However, in more narrow transcription one can also list the possible variant [bəɾˈda], with a short schwa and a tapped [ɾ] instead of the trill (the latter is possible, though less usual in the monosyllabic pronunciation). This variant is stressed on the last syllable, something that does not occur very often in Polish.

Coordinates: 53°7′37″N 18°8′3″E / 53.12694°N 18.13417°E / 53.12694; 18.13417