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Single by Paramore
from the album Paramore
Released January 22, 2013
Recorded 2012 in Los Angeles, California
Length 4:07
Label Fueled by Ramen
Paramore singles chronology
"Still Into You"
Music sample
17 second sample from Paramore's "Now"

"Now" is a song by the American rock band Paramore. It was released on January 22, 2013 as the first single from their fourth album, the self-titled Paramore.[3] It is their first single to not feature former band members Josh and Zac Farro since their departure in 2010. "Now" received acclaim from music critics, with reviewers praising its production, lyrical content, and Hayley Williams' vocal delivery on the track. The single achieved moderate commercial success, ranking within the top 20 of Billboard's Hot Rock Songs and Alternative Songs.


"Now" was written as a song that helped Paramore transition from the past to the present. According to Hayley Williams, "The first half of this record ... was all about getting to a new place, moving forward. And when we wrote 'Now,' by the end of the song I was like 'We're there. We got to that point and now we can really focus on what's next,'"[4]


"Now" received critical acclaim from critics. David Marchese of Spin rated the song an 8/10 and praised it for being catchy, commenting ""Now" is a pretty nifty bait-and-switch" and said that Paramore has been listening to "weirder" bands.[1] James Brindle of Burton Mail rated the song a 4/5, saying it has a "fantastically catchy chorus and showcases Hayley Williams’ immaculate vocals to great effect" and compared it with Blink-182's newer material.[5] Matthew Leimkuehler of Columbia Missourian rated the song a 5/5, stating "This particular track has more of an edge to it, while still containing one of the best hooks delivered from a rock band in the last few years" and comments that the band can still deliver without the Farro brothers.[6] Popdust rated the song a 4/5, commenting "When Williams sings about not giving up over scrambling drums and frantic guitars on the track’s bridge, it’s hard to not go all in with her."[7]

Music video[edit]

The music video was directed by Daniel "Cloud" Campos and was inspired by a piece of artwork by Banksy. Williams explains "The song feels like it has a bit of violence to it, but its not about that at all. It's about embracing something more than that and looking forward to something that maybe you can’t see yet, believing before you see ... When people watch the video, I think it comes across, hopefully, clearly that love always wins in the end."[8] The music video premiered on February 11, 2013 on MTV,[9] and was uploaded to the Fueled by Ramen YouTube channel the next day.

The video starts off in the middle of a field with Williams and a soldier. The field is bare except for a tree in the background between Williams and the soldier. There is also a slight fog. Williams and the soldier lock eyes, then the soldier throws a hand grenade. The song opens as Williams closes her eyes, just before the grenade explodes. She falls, and a sequence of action ensues, with men who appear to be with Williams (including Jeremy Davis and Taylor York) fighting men on the soldier's side. As Williams walks over to the soldier, Davis and York continuously tackle anyone trying to reach her. Continuing to walk, a person hands Williams a gas flare which she sets off, making soldiers around cough to put on their gas masks. While showing shots of people who get hit have bursts of colored dust as a metaphor for blood, Williams eventually stands face-to-face with the soldier. She gets hit with a baton at the back of her head as the song enters the bridge, causing bright blue dust to fly everywhere and her hair and clothing to be covered in it. She looks around and sees Davis and York pinned down and charges the soldier, but is seized by his men. The soldier pulls out a baton and prepares to strike her, but she breaks free and hugs the soldier. His motions freeze, he drops his baton and he hugs her back, leaving everyone on the battlefield cheering. The video closes with a shot of the soldier and Williams together, still hugging.

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