Nur Islamic School of Louisville

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Nur Islamic School of Louisville
6500 Six Mile Lane,
Louisville, KY 08852
Type Private
Established 1999
Grades Pre-K to 12th grade
Enrollment 100

Nur Islamic School of Louisville is a private Islamic school in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.


Nur Islamic School of Louisville opened in 1999 with an enrolment of about 20 students. Enrolment is expanding with an average growth rate of about 20 to 30 students per year.

New building and masjid[edit]

On 22 September 2010, the Nur Islamic School of Louisville board of directors closed a deal to purchase the school's building on Six Mile Lane.[citation needed] The board settled on the name "Masjid At-Tawheed" for the masjid and "Guiding Light Islamic Community Center" (GLICC) for the combined school and masjid. The secondary school moved into the building over Thanksgiving break and began classes on 29 November 2010. The elementary school was scheduled to join them on 3 January 2011.

Several renovations have followed the school's purchase. A large room on the second floor was divided into three smaller rooms, new tiles were laid throughout the school, rooms were painted, and walls were torn down to increase room size.

The board stated that the school was to be renovated before the masjid, necessitated by the need to move the school from its previous location in the old Buechel Bank building. The masjid, formerly a church, continues to be renovated; the steeple has been removed from the roof, and the stage and baptism tub have been removed. An opening date for the masjid is pending.

Academic life[edit]

Nur Islamic School of Louisville offers basic subjects such as science, math, social studies and language arts, as well as Islamic studies, Arabic and Quran. The school offers classes from pre-school through eighth grade. The school also offers a program for high-schoolers called JCPS E-school, an online high school course that does not require a teacher. Enrolled students complete the program in the same class as younger middle school students; however, all other religious subjects are taught by a teacher.

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