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Oddbods logo.png
GenreAnimated series
Created byRichard Thomas
Directed bySimon Pike
Aidan McAteer
Christian Cheshire
Creative director(s)Richard Thomas
StarringNadia Ramlee
Chio Su Ping
Jeremy Linn
Marlon Dance Hooi
Voices ofNadia Ramlee
Chio Su Ping
Jeremy Linn
Marlon Dance-Hooi
Narrated byNadia Ramlee
Chio Su Ping
Jeremy Linn
Marlon Dance-Hooi
Theme music composerKristin Øhrn Dyrud
Opening theme"Oddbods Theme"
Composer(s)Kristin Øhrn Dyrud
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes135
Executive producer(s)Sashim Parmanand
Producer(s)Carlene Tan
Editor(s)Wang Ziyan Amanda
Tan Yan Xin Sandra
Running time
  • 7 minutes
Production company(s)One Animation
Original networkDisney Channel Asia (Singapore)
CITV, Boomerang (United Kingdom)
Picture formatFull HD
Original release2013 (2013)[1] – present
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One Animation

Oddbods is a Singaporean-British CGI-animated comedy television series produced by the Singapore-based studio One Animation.[1][2][3] The series centers on seven furry characters of different colors—Fuse, Slick, Bubbles, Zee, Pogo, Jeff and Newt.[2] It has won some awards, including the Asian Television Awards, Apollo Awards, Gold Panda Awards, and Web TV Asia Awards. In 2017, it was nominated for an international Kids Emmy Award.[4]

The series debuted in 2013,[5] and season one was completed in 2015, followed by season two in 2016. A third season is currently in production. To date, various-length "formats" have been broadcast: including one-, five-, and seven-minute episodes.


The series focuses on seven furry colourful suited monsters called the Oddbods - Fuse, Pogo, Newt, Bubbles, Slick, Zee and Jeff

The storyline of each episode (according to the show synopses) depicts how these characters "survive the perils of everyday life, unintentionally turning ordinary situations into unexpected, extraordinary and always humorous events." Episodes typically employ physical comedy and pranks played out between the characters and the characters will eat pancakes for breakfast in every episode.

The series was conceived as a non-dialogue comedy which the series' creators and writers explain as: "captures the madcap yet charming antics of the Oddbods, who celebrate success where they find it and take failure in their stride. To turn 'different' into a positive; celebrating individuality in a humorous, warm and unexpected way."

The series' strapline is "Embrace Your Inner Odd, There's a Little Odd in Everyone!"

Cast and characters[edit]

  • Fuse (red; voiced by Marlon Dance-Hooi) is the leader of the Oddbods. Fuse can instantly change from serene to enraged, which makes his friends avoid him whenever he is in a bad mood, but admire his 'heart of gold'. He is always willing to play sports, but only if he wins.
  • Slick (orange; voiced by Chio Su Ping): Slick believes YOLO, but suffers from FOMO. His friends like his talent with technology, but question on his dance moves.
  • Bubbles (yellow; voiced by Chio Su Ping): Bubbles energetically performs experiments with an obsession of discovering interesting objects, such as insects to UFOs. Her friends like her for her personality, although they do not like being excluded from her personal experiments.
  • Zee (green; voiced by Jeremy Linn): Zee always takes naps, even while eating. His laid-back attitude serves as both strengths and weaknesses when it comes to his friendship.
  • Pogo (blue; voiced by Marlon Dance-Hooi): Pogo does not follow common etiquette as he is dubbed the 'ultimate prankster'. His friends like his practical jokes if they are not aimed at them.
  • Jeff (purple; voiced by Jeremy Linn): Jeff is finicky in that he is able to create order in anything, with his friends' admiration of his detail, as is can spot extremely tiny dust particles. He is talented in art and remembering people's birthdays, however he wishes that he can act in a more relaxed manner.
  • Newt (pink; voiced by Nadia Ramlee): Newt is addicted to candy and her friends are inspired by her pleasant interaction towards others, although she can be arrogant. She is inquisitive as she aways hangs out with her friends and takes selfies.



Speaking in an interview with the Manchester Evening News in 2016, Richard Thomas, the creator of the Oddbods and creative director at One Animation described how he first devised the show:[6]

It was the themes of friendship & personality that inspired the creation of Oddbods. I wanted them to have an aesthetic appeal, but underneath the simplistic design I wanted them to have 'relatable' depth of character; individuals with a heart and core personality that the viewer could relate to. The non-dialogue approach was very deliberate - it was important that the animation conveyed the emotion. Every nuance counts, the eye dart, the raised eyebrow, the posture...it's the subtleties that bring the characters to life. The production process is intense but finely honed and we work with a huge and complex team of global animation professionals to bring the show to life; from animators, to script-writers to design and lighting experts to the directors who shape all of the action. At a time when powerful forces seek to divide us because of our differences, the Oddbods are a small voice in opposition celebrating those differences and the joy and richness they can bring to our everyday lives.

One Animation[edit]

Founded in 2008, One Animation is a CGI animation studio based in Singapore, which also produced Rob the Robot, The Insectibles and Development Series (Hard Boiled and Abigail's Tales).[7] The company has produced a portfolio of successful animated series that are broadcast on global networks such as Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney XD, Discovery Kids, ABC, and seen across more than 100 countries worldwide.

The company focuses on developing family-focused TV, film and new media content, facilitating shorter than average production schedules, utilizing a crew that is typically one-third the size of a traditional CGI animation production team.


The soundtrack is composed by Kristin Øhrn Dyrud.[8]


Season 1[edit]

  1. It's my Party
  2. A Good Heart
  3. Marooned
  4. Parental Instincts
  5. The Sheriff of Oddsville
  6. Alien Abduction
  7. Slick Moves
  8. A Perfect Night's Squeak
  9. A Newt to Remember
  10. One Two Many
  11. Pogo the Poltergeist
  12. Robobuddy
  13. Pain in the Arts
  14. Zeellionaire
  15. Bad Medicine
  16. Fuse Ruse
  17. Sleep Thief
  18. Bubble Trouble
  19. Double Date Trouble
  20. My Hero
  21. Florence Newtingale
  22. Hypnobod
  23. The Oddbod Couple
  24. Zee in Charge
  25. The Last Laugh
  26. Strictly No Dancing
  27. The Amazing Slicko
  28. Panic Room
  29. No Good Deed
  30. The i-Scream Apocalypse
  31. The High Price of Neighbouring
  32. Super Zeroes
  33. Newt's Lucky Day
  34. X Marks the Spot
  35. A Marrow Victory
  36. 50 Foot Zee
  37. The Last Straw
  38. Build a Rocket, Bubbles
  39. Macho Jeff
  40. One Short of a Full Set
  41. Mind Control
  42. The Monster of Oddsville
  43. Zoom
  44. Mr. Snuffles
  45. Headcase
  46. Technofogey Fuse
  47. Acting Out
  48. Pocket-sized Pogo
  49. It's Just like Riding a Bike
  50. Double Scoop
  51. Camp it up
  52. Wheels of Furry
  53. Oddball
  54. Let's see that Again
  55. The Shame, the Blame and the Fame
  56. Anger Mismanagement
  57. On the Cards
  58. Oddjobs
  59. The Brain Game
  60. You Can't Handle the Tooth

Season 2[edit]

  1. (61) I Am Bubbles
  2. (62) Jetpack Blues
  3. (63) Space Oddbodity
  4. (64) The Oddfather
  5. (65) Can You Dig It?
  6. (66) Arcade Slick
  7. (67) Spiderman
  8. (68) Our Son Slick
  9. (69) Deserted
  10. (70) Your Move, Jeff
  11. (71) Jog On
  12. (72) Hotdog 500
  13. (73) Picnic Basketcases
  14. (74) Double-O Zee
  15. (75) The Clown Off
  16. (76) This Little Piggy
  17. (77) Robodd Wars
  18. (78) Brains vs. Beaks
  19. (79) Pogo and the Lamp
  20. (80) Master Jeff
  21. (81) Zee-Ro Gravity
  22. (82) Monster Truck
  23. (83) Driving Jeff Crazy
  24. (84) Cross Newt Training
  25. (85) The Abominable Snowbear
  26. (86) Recipe for Disaster
  27. (87) Don't Open the Box
  28. (88) The Grimbles
  29. (89) A Bridge Too Fuse
  30. (90) Balloon Bods
  31. (91) Fuzzy Fuse
  32. (92) The Jump
  33. (93) The Attack of the Drone
  34. (94) Slicknado
  35. (95) No Go, Pogo
  36. (96) The Curse of the Three-eyed Frog
  37. (97) A Class Act
  38. (98) Caketastrophe
  39. (99) Something Fishy
  40. (100) Trainer Wrecked
  41. (101) Oddbreak
  42. (102) The Cone Wars
  43. (103) Twitcher Trouble
  44. (104) Sickbods
  45. (105) Pogo, be Gone
  46. (106) Bumble Bubbles
  47. (107) Road Trip
  48. (108) Wild Thing
  49. (109) The Gift that Won't Stop Giving
  50. (110) Game Face
  51. (111) Itch Hunt
  52. (112) Egg on my Face
  53. (113) Snow Joke
  54. (114) Storm in a Treehouse
  55. (115) The Invader
  56. (116) Uncle Zee
  57. (117) Hotheads
  58. (118) Pecking Order
  59. (119) Let the Games be Gone
  60. (120) Arctic Antics

Season 3[edit]

  1. (124) Swan Flake
  2. (125) The Golden Ticket
  3. (126) Standing Tall
  4. (127) My Fair Bubbles
  5. (128) Selfie Image
  6. (129) Robo Helper
  7. (130) The Bald and the Beautiful
  8. (131) Stuck On You
  9. (132) Re-Gifting
  10. (133) Bearly a Friend
  11. (134) Ghosted!
  12. (132) Festive Encounters


  1. (121) Party Monsters
  2. (122) The Festive Menace
  3. (123) Zee Force Five


as seen in The Insectibles

  1. Heavyweight Chumps
  2. Insane In The Drain
  3. Hot Shots
  4. Heavy Meal
  5. Nutcrackers
  6. Ants At A Picnic
  7. Sticky Sweet
  8. Roadblock
  9. Box of Delights
  10. Zombie Mushroom Mayhem
  11. The Big Pitcher
  12. Grand Theft Apple
  13. Mystery Mix
  14. That Sinking Feeling
  15. Killing Time
  16. Splashdown Clowns
  17. Bug Zapper
  18. Home Invasion
  19. Cliffhangers
  20. Hiccupy Heroes
  21. Bottle Rocketeers
  22. Bubble Trouble

Hard Boiled[edit]

  1. The Art of the Steal

Broadcast and release[edit]

The series has been broadcast on 25 networks in 105 countries worldwide on free-to-air, as well as subscription channels, such as Boomerang,[9][10] Disney Channel,[11][2] Teletoon+,[11][2] ITV (UK),[9] Cartoonito (Italy),[10] RCTI, ANTV, RTV (coming soon) (Indonesia), ETTV Yoyo (Taiwan) and Cartoon Network. It is also available on-demand on social media channels, most notably YouTube, iQIYI (China) and ABC Me (Australia), where it has gained over one billion views in just one year. There are currently approximately 2 Million subscribers to the series' YouTube channel.[12] The series came on ITVBe‘s LittleBe on September 3, 2018.[13]



In 2015, Oddbods was one of the highest-rated children's television shows in the United Kingdom, by number of viewers.[14][15] It was one of CiTV's top five shows for the first quarter of 2016.[15]


  • 2014: Best 3D animation at Television Asia Plus[16]
  • 2014: Asia Image Apollo Awards[16]
  • 2014: Apollo Awards: 3D Animation[17]
  • 2015: Sichuan TV Festival 'God Panda' Award: best animated character[18]
  • 2016: Web TV Asia Awards
  • 2017: International Emmy Kids Awards (Nominee)
2019: International Emmy Kids Awards (Nominee)


In January 2017, One Animation launched a new look website dedicated to the Oddbods as a place where fans of the show (adults and children alike) can interact with the brand.

The site hosts 7 games with leaderboards allowing players to play their way to the top.[19] Other features include videos, user generated content, in store section, shop now section, interactive background pages on each of the characters complete with trading card-style character summary and related videos.[19] There is also an interactive collector poster which allows fans to view the episode their collectible figurine was inspired by.


In 2016, One Animation announced via press releases various partnerships with key licensing partners for Oddbods around the world including, amongst others, with ITV Studios Global Entertainment (ITVS GE)[20][21] and Copyright Promotions and Licensing Group (CPLG).

This led to the commencement of a global licensing programme being rolled out, the first of which was a range of toys[7] made available first in Europe and the Middle East.[22] As well as extending the toy availability around the world over the course of 2017/18, a wider range of consumer products including apparel, giftware and stationery are also in the pipeline.[21]


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