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The Ohel David Eastern Synagogue is a Sephardi Orthodox synagogue based in Golders Green, North London. Its members include Sephardi Jews from many parts of the world, especially Iraqi and other Mizrahi Jews.


The synagogue was established in 1959. It was originally one of the synagogues that made up the Eastern Jewry Community, but is now independent.

The synagogue today[edit]

The synagogue was led by Rabbi Abraham Gubbay until his death in July 2010. The present rabbi is Rabbi Asher Sebbag, and the hazzan is Mr J. Oved. The synagogue was significantly refurbished in 2001 by Mr. Ghassan Cohen and David Gigi. The President of the synagogue is Mr Ghassan I. Cohen. Services take place daily in the main prayer room. There is a separate women's seating area separated from the men by a curtain, known in Hebrew as a mechitza. Shabbat services tend to finish at around 12-1pm depending on the time of year.

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