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Olympiaturm, Múnich, Alemania 2012-04-28, DD 20.JPG
General information
LocationMunich, Germany
Coordinates48°10′28″N 11°33′13″E / 48.17444°N 11.55361°E / 48.17444; 11.55361Coordinates: 48°10′28″N 11°33′13″E / 48.17444°N 11.55361°E / 48.17444; 11.55361
Antenna spire291 m (955 ft)
Top floor182 m (597 ft)
Technical details
A view from the tower's observation platform towards the Alps.
A view from the tower's observation platform of the adjacent Olympic Village.
Night view.
Detail of the top.

The Olympic Tower (German: Olympiaturm) in the Olympic Park, Munich has an overall height of 291 m and a weight of 52,500 tons. At a height of 190 m there is an observation platform as well as a small rock and roll museum housing various memorabilia, which is signposted as "Rock Museum" outside the entrance. Since its opening in 1968, the tower has registered over 35 million visitors (as of 2004). At a height of 182 m there is a revolving restaurant, which seats 230 people. A full revolution takes 53 minutes. The tower also serves as a broadcast tower, and has one Deutsche Telekom maintenance elevator with a speed of 4 m/s, as well as two visitor lifts with a speed of 7 m/s which have a capacity of about 30 people per car. The travel time is about 30 seconds. The tower is open daily from 09:00 to 24:00.

There is a concept of making Virtual Reality weather timelapse service from Olympiaturm. [1] In case it were implemented, it would become the first tower worldwide with such function.

List of channels[edit]

The following radio and television stations broadcast from the Olympiaturm.

Analogue FM radio[edit]

Digital radio (DAB)/Digital mobile television (DMB)[edit]

Digital television (DVB-T)[edit]

Ham radio and television[edit]

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