One Palliser Square

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One Palliser Square is the building to the left of the base of the Calgary Tower

One Palliser Square is a 27 story office building in the Calgary downtown core. Completed in 1970, it is 107 meters (351 feet) tall. One Palliser Square is connected to the Calgary Tower via the Tower Centre complex, which is home to a variety of businesses including two theatre companies Vertigo Mystery Theatre which has two stages—the Playhouse and the Studio, and Lunchbox Theatre, Tower Physio and Calgary's theatre hangout,The Auburn Saloon, all accessed from the main floor. As of 2005, the building was owned and operated by Aspen Properties.

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Coordinates: 51°02′39″N 114°03′39″W / 51.0441°N 114.0608°W / 51.0441; -114.0608